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Now you can study at home by your self and get certified.
These set teach you everything you need to know to become Certified.
The tests are based directly from the information from these books


Course Description:

Desktop Intelligence™ is an integrated query, reporting and analysis solution that allows business
users to access the data in their corporate databases directly from their desktop and present and
analyze this information in a Desktop Intelligence document.
This course is designed to give you comprehensive skills and core
knowledge to present and analyze information, distribute documents and reports and use the major
reporting features of Desktop Intelligence. After completing this course you will be able to present
information in reports as tables, as well as sophisticated dynamic documents with drillable charts.
You will also be able to distribute documents and reports to colleagues.

Course Topics:

1 Introducing Desktop Intelligence
• Understanding core concepts of Desktop Intelligence
• Understanding core functionality of Desktop Intelligence
2 Getting Started with Desktop Intelligence
• Logging on to Desktop Intelligence
• Modifying start up options
• Accessing help
• Opening documents
• Viewing reports
• Saving documents
3 Creating Desktop Intelligence Documents with Queries
• Getting new data with Desktop Intelligence
• Creating a query
• Modifying the query
• Understanding Report Manager
• Projecting data
4 Restricting Data Returned by a Query
• Applying query conditions
• Applying wildcards in conditions
• Using condition objects
• Understanding relational operators in conditions
• Using logical operators for multiple conditions
5 Designing Reports
• Displaying data in tables and charts
• Formatting Desktop Intelligence documents
• Selecting a presentation style at point of query
6 Enhancing Presentation of Reports
• Formatting Desktop Intelligence documents using the Slice and Dice Panel
• Applying functions
• Filtering data
• Applying calculations to data
• Applying breaks to data
• Ranking data
7 Creating Variables and Alerters
• Creating variables and formulas
• Creating alerters
• Creating running calculations
8 Synchronizing Data from Multiple Data Providers
• Concepts of combining data from multiple sources
• Building a document with blocks of data
9 Grouping Data using Sections
• Concepts of grouping data using sections
• Sectioning
• Outlining
10 Creating Templates and Styles
• Creating templates
• Applying styles
11 Analyzing in Drill Mode
• Analyzing the data cube
• Using the drill-down mode
• Taking a snapshot of the data
12 Sharing Data with Colleagues
• Sharing reports with BusinessObjects users
• Creating reports for non-BusinessObjects users
• Retrieving reports from the repository
• Exporting data
• Viewing a Desktop Intelligence document in InfoView
• Setting Desktop Intelligence viewing preference


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