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BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R1/R2 : Administering Servers - Windows

BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R1/R2 : Administering Servers - Windows

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BOE220 - SA310R2 - SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise: Administering Servers - Windows

This course explains and demonstrates what each server component in BusinessObjects Enterprise does and how it is configured. You will install and configure each component and learn how information flows from server to server for system processes such as logging on to the system, scheduling reports and viewing reports. You will learn to use the Central Management Console (CMC) and the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) to manage and configure the servers and will also practice troubleshooting system problems when they arise.

The business benefit of this course is that it provides a foundation for System Architects/Administrators who are responsible for setting up and maintaining a BusinessObjects Enterprise platform.

BusinessObjects XI R1 and BusinessObjects XI R2
In order to accommodate both XI R1 and XI R2 audiences, this course addresses the functionality of XI R1 while identifying XI R2 content using the BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to help students differentiate between the content that does not apply to XI R1 audiences.

Course Topics

Lesson 1: BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture
Understanding Business Intelligence
Understanding the BusinessObjects Enterprise architecture
Information process flows in BusinessObjects Enterprise
Lesson 2: Preparation and Installation of BusinessObjects Enterprise
Preparing and installing BusinessObjects Enterprise
Lesson 3: Performing Common Server Management Tasks
Describing server management tools
Using the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) to manage servers
Using the CMC to manage servers
Lesson 4: Managing the Web Application Services
The web application services
Configuring the Java Web Application Server and the Java Web Component Adapter
Configuring the .NET Web Application Server and the .NET Web Component Adapter
Configuring the web application services to communicate across a firewall
Lesson 5: Managing the Central Management Server and the Repository
• The role of the Central Management Server (CMS)
• Migration and backup of CMS system data
• Clustering Central Management Servers
• Managing auditing
Lesson 6: Managing the File Repository Servers
• The role of the File Repository Servers
• Configuring the File Repository Servers
Lesson 7: Managing the Crystal Reports Servers
• The roles of the Crystal Reports servers
• Configuring the Crystal Reports Servers
• How to set and run a schedule for a report
Lesson 8: Working with List of Values (LOV) Objects
• The role of the LOV Job Server and LOV objects
• Configuring the LOV Job Server
• How LOV objects are processed
Lesson 9: Managing the Web Intelligence Servers
• The role of the Web Intelligence servers
Lesson 10: Managing the Desktop Intelligence Servers
• Responsibilities of the Desktop Intelligence servers
• Configuring the Desktop Intelligence Report server
• Configuring the Desktop Intelligence Cache server
• Publishing Desktop Intelligence documents
• Using 3-tier Desktop Intelligence mode
Lesson 11: Managing the Destination Job Server
• The role of the Destination Job Server
• Configuring the Destination Job Server
• Setting a schedule to send an object or instance to a destination
Lesson 12: Managing the Program Job Server
• The role of the Program Job Server
• Configuring the Program Job Server
• How scheduled programs are processed
Lesson 13: Managing the Event Server
• Understanding events in the BusinessObjects Enterprise
• Responsibilities of the Event Server
• Configuring the Event Server
Lesson 14: Managing Server Groups
• Understanding server groups
• Creating server groups
Lesson 15: Troubleshooting BusinessObjects Enterprise
• Troubleshooting BusinessObjects Enterprise


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