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Categorizer Workbench

Categorizer Workbench

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BOZ250 - TA220 - Categorizer Workbench

This course provides you with an overview of the Categorizer Workbench functionality.
The course includes an introduction to categorization and the Categorizer Workbench and how to develop taxonomies using the Categorizer Workbench.
After completing this course, you will be able to:
Describe what Categorizer Workbench is;
Describe how Categorizer Workbench works;
Identify how to control relevant documents in a taxonomy;
Define the process for using Categorizer Workbench for developing a taxonomy using Learn by Example;
Describe how to use the Taxonomy Query Language;
Identify how to create a hybrid rule;
Identify how to develop rules using Suggest Rule;
Define how to use the test set feature;
Describe Precision, Recall and F-Scores used by Categorizer Workbench.


Introduction to Categorization
What is categorization?
Why use categorization?
How does categorization work?
What is taxonomy?
Describe a simple taxonomy
Describe a more complex taxonomy
Introduction to Categorizer Workbench
What is Categorizer Workbench?
How does Categorizer Workbench use a taxonomy
Learn-by-Example categorization
Learn by Example Process
Identify the process for developing a taxonomy using LBE
Create a taxonomy
Build or rebuild training set index
Create and edit the taxonomy hierarchy
Assign documents to categories
Auto-generate rules
The testing process
Hands-on exercise
Defining Category Properties
Describe the purpose and function of category properties
Taxonomy Query Language: Boolean
What is the Taxonomy Query Language?
Boolean Operators
Hands-on exercise
Taxonomy Query Language: Scoring Operators
Scoring Operators
Hands-on exercise
Taxonomy Query Language: Logical Operators
Logical Operators
Hands-on exercise
Taxonomy Query Language: Entity Operators
Entity Operators
Hands-on exercise
Hybrid Process
What is the hybrid approach?
Examples of using the hybrid approach
Hands-on exercise
Suggest Rule Process
Identify when Suggest Rule is used
Describe how to use Suggest Rule feature
Hands-on exercise
Testing a Taxonomy
Defining a test set
Creating a test set
Adding documents to a test set
Creating a new test document
Importing a test set
Assign test set document to category
Remove test document from category
Generating Overview Report for a test set
Hands-on exercise
Understanding Accuracy Measures
Tools to help optimize categories
Tuning a taxonomy
Deploying Taxonomies
What is the process for deploying taxonomy?
Category Miscellany
Miscellaneous categorizer features


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