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Demantra Demand Management Fundamentals

Demantra Demand Management Fundamentals

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Demantra Demand Management Fundamentals

What you will learn:

Learn about demand management fundamentals as they pertain to Oracle Demantra Demand Management. This course tours through the Collaborative Workbench and worksheets from a user perspective. Students learn how to use the Collaborative Workbench and worksheets to forecast, work collaboratively, analyze accuracy and automate exception reports. Learn how to introduce new products and combinations and create forecasts based on the performance of similar products and locations using chaining tools. Shape forecasts based on observed trends and causal factors, and align forecasts with results. Learn how to use advanced features to make the most use of the Collaborator Workbench and work offline.

Learn To:

Collaborative Workbench navigation


Analyzing forecast performance

Introducing new products


Collaborative Workbench navigation

Course Objectives:

Finalize forecasts

Use forecast accuracy and exceptions

Introduce new products using methods and Member Management

Create combinations

Create sample forecasts for new products using chaining and shape modeling

Align a new product forecast based on actual sales

Use the dashboard to filter worksheets by product category

Embed a worksheet in an existing worksheet

Create and display user-defined content panes

Export worksheets and work with worksheets offline

Understand the Demantra Demand Management capabilities

Understand the planning process and roles

Understand the Collaborator Workbench application and work with others

Navigate, create and format worksheets

Perform baseline forecasting and simulations

Use notes and audit trails

Course Topics:

Introduction to Demantra Demand Management

Understand demand-driven adaptive planning

Understand where Demand Management fits in the Oracle E-Business Suite, and how it interacts with the other products in the Oracle Demantra suite

Understand the capabilities and benefits of Demand Management

Understand the demand planning process

Navigating the Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets

Use the Collaborator Workbench

Navigate within worksheets and views

Interpreting data shown in worksheets

Analyze results at different levels of aggregation

Changing data in a worksheet

Creating and Formatting Worksheets

Create a new worksheet

Use the Worksheet Designer to customize the views, series, time, aggregation levels, and filters in a worksheet


Understand the role of forecasting in demand planning

Understand batch vs. similation forecasting

Adjust a forecast and simulate "what if" results

Add notes to a worksheet

Review a worksheet audit trail

Approve the forecast

Share the forecast with other users

Understanding Forecast Accuracy and Exceptions

Analyze the forecast accuracy in worksheets

Set exception filtering

Run exception filtering

Introducing New Products with Member Management

Understand the benefits of using Demantra to introduce new products

Understand Demantra's different data tables

Understand combinations

Understand ways new items can be introduced

Define new items and locations in the worksheet and Member Management

Chaining and Shaping

Understand the benefit of chaining

Populate a new item with data based on one or more products

Forecast the demand for the new product

Understand the benefits of shape modeling and alignment

Record and apply a demand shape to a product forecast

Align the forecast with the latest sales figures to develop more accurate forecasts

Advanced Worksheet Topics

Use the Open With mechanism

Embed worksheets

Create and display user-defined content panes

Set up your offline environment

Export offline worksheets

Work offline

Upload changes to server

Export worksheet combination data to Excel


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