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Installed SAPMII 12.1 with ECC6 EHP7 for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive

Installed SAPMII 12.1 with ECC6 EHP7 for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive

Shipped Right to your Door!

HAVE YOUR OWN SAP  MII 21.1  and ECC 6 ehp 7  New release ACCESS SERVER

Practice SAP anywhere to become a consultant

Easy to plug into and run SAPMII and ECC 6 EHP7  and carry anywhere you want.


FI/CO,MM,SD,PP,HR .... etc SAPMII 12.1  Runs on 64bit OS as new WEB UI Operating system

The main components include the following: ● System Management ● Security Services ● Data Services ● Content Development Including the SAP MII Workbench ● Message Services ● System Resources


Database, IDES Included! You need to install a software provided to your laptop or desktop, that's it and you can easily execute ECC from Hard Drive Very clear instructions are provided and its a very simple procedure which even a beginner can follow.

Host System Minimum Requirements: CPU - Any dual core processor or above RAM - 4GB Minimum or More

Host system processor most have VT technology to be able to run VMware. Does my processor support Intel® Virtualization Technology? If you don't know your processor number or family, you can download and install the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at this site: (Copy and paste to your browser)

If you already have a modern Laptop/Desktop PC with a good specification (4GB or more RAM), then you can utilise our external Hard drive

Money back guarantee is provided if this hard Drive does not work for you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : The usage of this evaluation is strictly for home based educational purposes and not for commercial. The full commercial license of this product for commercial purposes can only be bought from SAP AG, Germany


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