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Linux Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools

Linux Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools

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RH142 Linux Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools

Course Description

Troubleshooting is both an art and a science, an instinct (typically informed by experience) and a technique. In RH142 Linux Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools, participants will learn techniques for troubleshooting a Linux system and will learn to use a variety of troubleshooting tools available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What you will learn:

Unit 1 - Troubleshooting Techniques
An introduction to troubleshooting methods, best practices, and tools.

Unit 2 - Common Troubleshooting Tools
Analysing log files; monitoring file changes; Rebuilding the RPM database.

Unit 3 - Troubleshooting Boot Issues
Working with advanced GRUB features; rescue and GRUB CDs; advanced ext2/ext3 filesystem repair; rescuing RAID and LVM volumes.

Unit 4 - Revision control
An example to track configuration changes with a revision control system.

Unit 5 - Hardware
Preempting hardware failures (looking for the signs); protecting against hardware failures; redundant configurations; tools to help identify hardware failures and intermittent problems.

Unit 6 - Applications
An overview of tools and techniques for troubleshooting applications. Some common application problems and how to solve them.

Unit 7 - Network
Manual configuration of network cards, troubleshooting advanced setups (bonded interfaces, virtual interfaces); connectivity issues; network diagnostic tools.

Unit 8 - Security
Working effectively with (and not against) security tools, including SELinux, SSL, and authentication.

Unit 9 - Red Hat Resources and Reporting Problems
Support options; Knowledgebase; certified training; initiating support calls; TAM support; developer support; bugzillas; support workflow; diagnostic and information-gathering tools.


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