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NEW SAP Webdynpro ABAP consultant video tutorial Training

NEW SAP Webdynpro ABAP consultant video tutorial Training Provides the Best SAP ABAP Webdynpro pre-recorded online Training based on the Real time Scenarios ,best suited for the Project Requirements, teaching by Highly Experienced Real time Experts at affordable prices and the total duration of the course is around 65 Hours.

Web Dynpro (WD) is a proprietary web application user interface technology developed by SAP AG and exists in a JAVA (Web Dynpro for Java, WDJ or WD4J) and an ABAP (Web Dynpro ABAP, WDA or WD4A) flavor.

Java WEB Dynpro was created prior to Web Dynpro for ABAP, but was not very successful. As of 2010, Web Dynpro for Java is effectively dead, and all effort is spent on Web Dynpro for ABAP

SAP ABAP Webdynpro Course content video for self study

Webdynpro Introduction

 Introduction to Browser Based Technologies

 Introduction to Webdynpro ABAP Framework & its Advantages

 Introduction to MVC Architecture

 Webdynpro ABAP Configuration Setup.

 Difference between WDABAP & WDJAVA & BSP

 Context Bindings and Context Mappings

 Webdynpro Phase Model

Webdynpro ABAP Application

 URL Address

 Fully Qualified Domain Name ( FQDN )

 URL’s & Namespaces and Restrictions.

 Logon page Configuration.

User Interface Element (UI Element)

 Form Template, Screen Template

 Input Field, I Frame ( outdated ), Label

 Page header, Page Header Area, Page Header with Link To URL

 Table functionalities( ALL )

 ItemListBox,Button, Button Row

 Link To Action, Link To URL, Invisible Element

 Group, Tray, Transparent Container,

 Phase Indicator, Progress Indicators

 RadioButtonGroupByIndex, RadioButtonGroupByKey

 DropDownbyKey, DropDownByIndex,

 CheckBox, CheckBoxGroup, Tri State Check Box

 TabStrip, Tree, Horizontal Gutter

 Button Choice, Menu Action Items, Message Area

 Business Graphics (Pie, Column, Line ) 2D / 3D

 Interactive Form UI Element

 Road Map UI Element

 File Upload UI Element.

 File Download UI Element

 Date Navigator, Threshold Slider

Layout Manager

 Flow, Grid, Matrix, Row Layouts

 Form Layout in EHP5

Composite Screen Element

 All Database operations ( ADD, DELETE, EDIT, UPDATE, INSERT, etc )

 Table Filtering, Sorting, Column Grouping.

 Table, Table Popins, Toggle Cells, Cell variants

 Table Customization, Table Cell Editors,

 Adding links, buttons, checkbox, Radio buttons, Images, Indicators inside Table

 Conditional Table Cell Coloring


 Types of Plugs( In Bound, Out Bound, Startup, Exit, Suspend, Resume plugs )


 Navigation between the Views( Within same component )

 Navigation between the Views( Between different components )

 View Assembly & Contextual Panels.( Side Panels )

 Horizontal Contextual Panel

 View Container UI Element

 Calling Transaction Codes

Reporting (Header Data, Item Data)

 Parent-Child Node relationship

 Nested Nodes Concepts

 Supply Functions


 View Controller

 Component Controller

 Interface Controller

 Custom Controller

 Window Controller

 Configuration Controller


 Pre-conditions for Mappings

 Context Mapping

 Internal Context Mapping

 External Context Mapping

 Cross Component Context Mapping

 Data Transfer between the Views


 Pop Up Windows ( Window of same component )

 Component Usage Popup windows ( window of Different Component )

 Confirmation Dialog Windows

 External Windows

 Subscribing Window Actions

Value Selector & Search Help

 Dictionary Search Help

 Freely Programmed input Help Mode

 SVS ( Simple Value Selector ) , EVS ( Extended Value Selector )

 DVS ( Dynamic Value Selector ) , OVS ( Object Value Selector )

Service Call

 RFC’s/BAPI’s as Model


 Assistance Class as Model

 Using Controller attribute in Service call

Webdynpro Development with MVC Architecture

 Model Classes ,Business methods, Persistence Class

 Assistance Class, Business methods, Messages

Programming Aspect

 Wizard Based Programming

 Standard References and Syntaxes

 Controller attributes( WD_THIS, WD_CONTEXT, WD_COMP_CONTROLLER )

 Getters and Setters

 Context Based Programming ( Node, Attribute ).

 Hooker Methods or Standard Life cycle Methods

 Fire Methods, Event Handler Methods

 ADD/DELETE/UPDATE/MODIFY/Select Database operations

 Add Row, Remove Row, Copy / Select ALL/De-Select ALL/Conditional Copy Funcs

 Cross-Controller Method Calls

 Visibility / Invisibility, Enable/Disable

 MIME Repository

Componentization (Multi Component Architecture )

 Using Multiple Components, Component Usages

 Component Interfaces

 Direct Vs Reverse Mapping

 Interface Controller, Fire events

 Interface Controller Methods, Input Element,

 Interface Controller Nodes, Interface Views

 External Context Mapping ( or )Cross-Component Programming

 Visual Components & Faceless Component

Road Map

 Road Map Construction

 Road Map for Interactive Reporting

 Road Map for Timesheet Approval & Rejection Scenario

 Road Map for Leave Request Approval & Rejection Scenario

 Road Map for Adobe Forms

 Converting Conventional Road Map to Floor Plan Manager

 RoadMap ( roundtrip step close, roundtrip start , roundtrip end, sub steps, etc..)

Dynamic Programming

 Creating UI Elements dynamically

 Creating Tables at Runtime dynamically

 Creating Context Nodes dynamically

 Creating Context Attributes dynamically

 Assigning Actions to UI Elements dynamically

 Dynamic Features on UI Elements and its Properties


 Messages & Error Handling( Success, Warning, Error, T100 Messages, etc )

 Message place holders, Message Class,

 Navigation Behavior : Usage and Flow of hooker methods WDDOBEFOREACTION, WDDOAFTERACTION,

 Reading the action at runtime

 Message Based Validation, Independent actions.

 Internationalization( Data Elements, Domains , Assistance Class Message Class, OTR

Webdynpro ALV Integration

 Basic ALV Configuration Models ( SALV_WD_TABLE )

 Table Settings, Field Settings, Column Settings, Standard ALV Settings

 Using Methods & Events of Interface Controller.

 Providing Edit functionality

 Single Row, Multi-Row Selection

 Adding Link To Action, Buttons, Progress Indicators

 Opening Popup Windows, Confirmation Windows by Raising Events.


 Aggregations: Grand Totals & Sub Totals in ALV Tables, Sorting

 Conditionally Applying colors on ALV Table

 Traffic Lights and images in ALV

 Adding Custom Toolbar in ALV

 Select-options with ALV

 Using Multiple ALV Tables

Portal Integration

 Connecting to Back-End System from Portal

 System Objects, System Alias, User Mapping

 Folders, Iviews, Pages, Worksets, Roles

 SSO( Single Sign-On Access )

 Navigate Absolute , Navigate Relative.

 Firing( Triggering a Portal event )

 Subscribe( Reacting to Portal Event )

 Running Application with Portal Level events.

 Authorization at Portal Level

 Role based Access( RBAC)

Enhancement Framework

 Material Management Standard Components.

 Travel Management Standard Components

 HCM/ESS/MSS Standard Components

 Using Function Modules, RFC’s, BAPI’s without Service Calls.

Runtime Programming Interface / Classes











Windows Based Programming Interface




Cross Component Programming Interface



Dynamic Programming Classes

 CL_WD_Table , CL_WD_Input_Field




 CL_WD_Button, , etc several other classes

Context Based Programming Interface





Message Based Programming Interface

 IF_WD_MESSAGE_MANAGER Portal Programming Interface


Floor Plan Manager Programming Interface


Floor Plan Manager

 Types of Floor Plan Managers

 Object Instance Floor Plan ( OIF ) ( Roadmap )

 Guided Activity Floor Plan ( GAF ) ( Tab strip )

 Over View Page Floor Plan ( OVP ) ( Overview Page )

 Quick Activity Floor Plan ( QAF ) ( Outdated )

 Floor Plan Configuration using FPM Configuration Editor

 Identification Region ( IDR )

 Message Region ( MR )

 Context Navigation Region ( CNR )

 Re-implementation of IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK.

 Application Configuration Creation for FPM Application.

 Component & IDR Configurations.

 Using Multiple UIBB’s with OIF & GAF Instances.

 Generic User Building Blocks

 List based Component ( FPM_LIST_UIBB )

 Tabbed Component ( FPM_TABBED_UIBB )

 Form based Component ( FPM_FORM_UIBB )

 Difference between OIF & GAF Toolbars

 FPM Toolbar

 Adding elements to toolbar, Toolbar buttons & Events

 Adjusting the toolbar dynamically using interface IF_FPM_CNR_GAF

 FPM Events Loop and Coding

 Feeder Classes



Webdynpro CHIPS Integration in FPM

 Introduction, Inport, Outport

 Google Map Integration Using Chips

 Chip Catalogue, IFrame

 Side Panels along with Main Browser

 Page Builder & Page Configuration

Configuration Datasets

 Webdynpro built-in configurations

 Component Configurations, Application Configurations

 URL Parameters & Application parameters

Adobe Form

 Pre-requisites for Adobe Form Designing



 ABAP Dictionary Based Interface

 Smart Forms-Compatible Interface

 XML Schema based Interface

 Form Context

 Forms, Structure, Data , Text, Graphic, Address Nodes

 Alternative, Tables and Loops, Conditions, etc.

 Adobe Live Cycle Designer

 Adobe Live

 Body Pages & Master pages & Design View

 Hierarchy & Data view

 Library and Object Properties

 Script Editor

 Menu & Tool Bar

 Adobe Scripting Syntaxes

 Data Bindings

 Adobe Library Controls

 Table Format & SUB-Forms, Page Breaks, Conditional Page breaks ,etc..

 Driver Program , Generated Function Module

 Online Interactive Forms

 Offline Interactive Forms

 Standard Texts

 Select, Delete, Update, Modify, Insert Operations with Adobe Forms

 Static and Dynamic Value sets

 Customizing Existing Adobe Forms

 Customizing Standard Adobe Forms Templates

 Adobe Forms with Web services

 Converting Smart Forms to Adobe Forms.

 Migrating Smart Forms to Adobe Forms

 Online Interactive Forms

 Interactive PDF Programs

 Script Programs

 Form Calculations with Scripting


 Accessing Nodes and Form fields

 Integration with WebDynpro ABAP

 Interactive Form UI element in Webdynpro

 Data Base operations with Interactive Form UI Element

 WebDynpro Offline Forms scenarios

 WebDynpro Online Forms scenarios

 Displaying Smart Forms Output as Adobe Form in WebDynpro.

BRF+ (Business Rule Framework)

 BRF+ Workbench

 UI execution API

 Application Creation

 Functions in rule

 Rule set , Rule Framework

 Formula Expressions

 Decision Tables

 Creating an application with BRF+ workbench

POWL (Personal Object Work list)

 POWL Feeder Classes

 POWL Cockpit

 Defining Selection Criteria for POWL Feeder Class

 Maintaining the Query & Query List & Creating New Query

 Personalization in POWL


 POWL Component configurations & Application Configurations

 Report to check POWL Consistency for POWL

Basic OOABAP and Advance OOABAP

 Introduction to OOABAP.

 Difference between OOABAP and Other Programming Languages.


 Global class

 Local class.

 Instance Components & Static Components

 Objects & Objects References

 Implicit Objects.

 Explicit Objects.

 Difference b/t Implicit & Explicit Objects.

 Garbage Collection.

 Attributes and Constants

 Instance Attributes

 Static Attributes

 Difference b/n Instance Attributes & Static Attributes.

 Using Parameters.( Importing , Exporting, Returning etc.)

 Methods. ( Local & Global )

 Static Method.

 Instance Method.

 Difference b/n Instance Method & Static Method

 Constructors. ( Local & Global )

 Static Constructor.

 Instance Constructor.

 Sequence of Constructors Execution

 Difference b/t Static & Instance Constructor


 Inheritance. ( Local & Global )

 Single Inheritance.

 Multi level Inheritance.

 Multiple Inheritance.

 Inheritance Hierarchy.

 Instance & Static Constructors in Inheritance

 Visibility of Static Components in Sub Classes

 Visibility of Instance Components in Sub Classes

 Polymorphism. ( Local & Global )

 Method overloading.

 Method overriding.

 Redefinition keyword.( Local & Global )

 Super keyword.

 ME keyword for Self Reference

 Abstraction ( Local & Global )

 Abstract Methods.

 Abstract classes

 Interfaces. ( Local & Global )

 Composite Interface

 Implementation of Interfaces in Local and Global class

 Advantage of Interfaces

 Difference b/t Abstract class and Interface

 Aliases. ( Local & Global )

 Final ( Local & Global )

 Final Class.

 Final Methods.

 Friend Class.

 Singleton Class.

 Type casting.

 Narrow casting( Up-Casting )

 Wide casting ( Down-Casting )

 Event Handling

 Static Events, Instance Events

 Exception Handling.

 Try-catch Block.

 Local & Global Exceptions

 OOABAP Reporting using custom classes and Methods

 Using Select-Options in OOABAP Reporting.

 Converting ABAP Reports into OOABAP Reports

 Converting Local class to Global classes

 Creating Transaction codes.

OOABAP ALV reporting Using Classes & Methods


 CL_GUI_Custom_Container ,etc Classes

 Enabling Multiple selection of ALV rows.

 ALV Cells as Drop Down List

 ALV Row Coloring

 ALV Column Coloring

 ALV Toolbar buttons

 ALV Columns as Traffic Lights

 ALV Reporting using Classes with Event Handling.

 Interactive Events in OOALV

 Print_Top_of_Page, Print_End_of_Page

 Print_Top_of_List, Print_End_of_List

 Button_Click, Double Click

 Menu_button, User_command

 Etc. various other Examples on OOALV


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