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New SAP BODS 4.0 Consultant Training Video for self study

New SAP BODS 4.0 Consultant Training Video for self study

SAP BODS 4.0 has huge market.We offer inexpensive, high quality SAP BODS 4.0 training through pre-recorded videos that can be viewed 24/7 at your own pace , no internet access need

BODS Business Objects data Services is a graphical user interface space that enables to make jobs that extracts information from heterogeneous sources, transforms that information exploitation inbuilt transforms and functions to fulfil business needs so loads a single data store or data warehouse for additional analysis.Business Objects data Services may be a complicated platform for the data integration method and constitutes the most recent version of Business Objects application.In comparison with previous versions of BO ETL (Business Objects data Integrator), a data Quality module is that the integral part of data Services.

the total duration of the course is around 25 Hrs.

Course Content SAP BODS 4.0 Consultant Training Video for self study

 SAP BO-Data Services

 Data Services Training on a real time scenario and Installation

 Data services Fundamentals


 Purpose of DS

 Basics and understandings

 Connecting to the external systems

 Storing the data in the local repository

 Dataservices Design Interface


 Importing Metadata

 File Format

 Batch Job

 Data Flow

 Query transform

 Executing job

 Built in Transformations

 Platform Transformations

 Case Transformation

 Map Operation Transformation

 Merge Transformation

 Query Transformation

 Row Generation Transformation

 SQL Transformation

 Validation Transformation

 Integrator Transformations

 Data Transfer Transformation

 Data Generation Transformation

 Effective Date Transformation

 Hierarchy Flattering Transformation

 History Preserving Transformation

 Table comparison Transformation

 Pivot & Reverse Pivot Transformations

 Key Generation Transformation

 XML Pipeline Transformation

 Data Quality Transformations

 Match Transformation

 Best record Strategy

 Built in Functions

 All built in system functions

 Validating. Tracing and Debugging Batch job

 Built in Transformations (Platform, Data Integrator, Data Quality)

 Dataservices Scripting language and Variables

 Capturing changes in data (Initial / Deltaload)

 Handling Errors and auditing

 Migrating Projects



 Managing Metadata

 Connecting to SAP Applications

 ABAP data Flow processing Using Dataservices

 IDoc interface connectivity Using Dataservices

 SAP Application table source in real jobs using Dataservices

 Executing Batch jobs that contain ABAP Dataflows

 Connecting to SAP Net weaver Business warehouse

 Using Dataservices in SAP NW BW environments

 Defining SAP Net Weaver BW Datastores Using Dataservices

 Loading into SAP NW BW Using Dataservices

 Profiling Using Data Insight

 SAP BO-Data Federator:-

 Creating target tables

 Defining Sources of data

 Mapping data sources to targets

 Managing Constraints

 Managing Projects

 Managing Changes

 Real Time Jobs

 Introduction to Real time Jobs

 Manipulating the XML Doc using BODS

 Testing the Real time Jobs

 Executing the Real time Jobs

 Creating the WSDL as an output

 Invoking and provoking a WSDL using BODS

 SAP AIO Methodology for DS (Version 3.0/3.2)


 Versions of AIO

 Different Output formats of AIO

 Project End – End

 Building the project

 AIO-Mapping sheets

 Using / Customizing the Standard AIO templates



 Extracting and scoping the data

 Using SQL as Database repository

 Building the job

 Managing and scheduling the jobs

 Lookup jobs and requirement

 Various errors you encounter

 XML/IDOC/LSMW output formats.

 Troubleshooting project

 Project Maintenance


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