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New SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 Implementation and Configuration

New SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 Implementation and Configuration

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GRC300 - SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 Implementation and Configuration


Course Overview

Unit 1: Getting Started with Access Control

Lesson: Discussing Business Challenges and Solutions

Lesson: Using Access Control

Exercise 1: Connect to the System and Navigate the User Interface

Unit 2: Managing Compliance with Access Control

Lesson: Identifying Authorization Risks

Lesson: Managing Risk by Segregating Duties

Unit 3: System Architecture

Lesson: Describing the System Architecture

Unit 4: Security and Authorizations

Lesson: Describing Security and Authorizations

Unit 5: Shared Configuration Settings

Lesson: Configuring Shared GRC Settings

Lesson: Configuring Shared Access Control Settings

Unit 6: Synchronizing with the Access Control Repository

Lesson: Synchronizing Objects into the Repository

Lesson: Scheduling and Viewing Background Jobs

Unit 7: Business Rules Framework

Lesson: Creating Rules in the Business Rule Framework (BRF)

Lesson: Defining Business Rules

Exercise 1: Create Initiator Rule

Exercise 2: Create Agent Rule

Exercise 3: Create Routing Rule

Unit 8: Maintaining MSMP Workflow

Lesson: Describing Multi-Stage Multi-Path (MSMP) Workflow

Lesson: Maintaining MSMP Workflow: Part One

Lesson: Maintaining MSMP Workflow: Part Two

Unit 9: Analyze and Manage Risk

Lesson: Maintaining Shared Master Data

Exercise 1: Maintain Owners for Risk and Mitigating Controls

Lesson: Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set

Exercise 2: Review Configuration for Analyze and Manage Risk Functionality

Exercise 3: Maintain a Rule Set

Exercise 4: Maintain Functions

Exercise 5: Maintain a Risk

Exercise 6: Maintain a Critical Access Rule

Exercise 7: Perform Ad Hoc Risk Analysis

Lesson: Using and Configuring Audit Trail Tracking

Exercise 8: View the Audit Log

Lesson: Using the Risk Analysis Framework

Exercise 9: Perform a Role Level Simulation

Exercise 10: Perform a User Level Simulation

Lesson: Remediating Risks

Lesson: Mitigating Risks

Exercise 11: Create a Mitigating Control and Assign a User and Role

Lesson: Mass Mitigating

Unit 10: Emergency Access Management

Lesson: Managing Emergency Access

Exercise 1: Review Emergency Access Management Configuration

Lesson: Planning for Emergency Access

Exercise 2: Maintain Owners and Controllers in Central Owner Maintenance

Exercise 3: Assign Owners to Firefighter IDs

Exercise 4: Assign Controllers to Firefighter IDs

Exercise 5: Assign Firefighter Users to Firefighter IDs

Exercise 6: Maintain Reason Codes

Exercise 7: Execute a Firefight Session

Lesson: Monitoring Emergency Access

Exercise 8: Review a Log Report

Unit 11: Design and Manage Roles

Lesson: Configuring Role Management

Exercise 1: Review Design and Manage Roles-Specific Configuration Options

Lesson: Configuring Role Methodology

Exercise 2: Review Configuration Settings for Condition Groups

Exercise 3: Associate Role Methodology Process to Condition Group

Exercise 4: Maintain Owners for Role Management in the Setup Work Center

Exercise 5: Maintain Default Owners with Condition Group

Lesson: Planning for Technical Role Definition

Exercise 6: Create a Single Role

Exercise 7: Create a Composite Role

Lesson: Planning for Business Role Definition

Exercise 8: Create a Business Role

Lesson: Consolidating Roles through Role Mining

Lesson: Mass Managing Roles

Unit 12: Provision and Manage Users

Lesson: Designing End User Personalization Forms

Exercise 1: Maintain End User Personalization Forms (Access Request


Lesson: Planning for User Access

Exercise 2: Create an Access Request

Exercise 3: Create an Access Request with a Model User

Exercise 4: Create an Access Request with a Template

Exercise 5: Create an Access Request from a Copy

Lesson: Defining User Provisioning

Exercise 6: Configure Settings Specific to Provisioning and Managing Users

Lesson: Requesting User Access Approval

Exercise 7: Set Workflow Administrator and Security Lead Owners

Exercise 8: Respond to Access Requests

Exercise 9: Review the Audit Log

Unit 13: Periodic Access Review Process

Lesson: Planning Periodic Review

Lesson: Monitoring Periodic Review

Unit 14: Reporting

Lesson: Working with the Reporting Framework

Exercise 1: Change an Existing Report

Exercise 2: Add Custom Fields to Request Header

Exercise 3: Add Custom Fields to Role Definition

Unit 15: Implementing Access Control

Lesson: Working with the Access Control Implementation Process

Lesson: Designing the Access Control Solution

Lesson: Planning Upgrade and Migration

Lesson: Configuring Access Control

Lesson: Implementing the Solution

Lesson: Optimizing and Enhancing the Solution


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