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New SAP IS-Utilities Consultant Audio & Video Live Training

New SAP IS-Utilities Consultant Audio & Video Live Training

SAP is not a difficult application to learn. A range of SAP Live Training Videos to teach SAP to any newcomers step by step in the simplest way possible. Kick Start your SAP consulting career and never take another SAP training course again! With a relatively small investment, you can become an experienced SAP consultant with our SAP ISU training videos. Our videos will show the live SAP screen and functions with the instructor's audio. Prepared by highly qualified SAP professionals with over 10 years experience, our videos will help you save time and money, and send you on your way to a career as an SAP ISU consultant.

We offer inexpensive, high quality SAP ISU  training through pre-recorded videos that can be viewed 24/7

Erpselftraining self paced course is simple. Once you've purchased you just have to download the course itself and you're ready to start learning, in your own time, at your own pace

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Device Management

Course Syllabus:

1. Utilities Industry Overview

& Billing & Invoicing

1.1. De-Regulatory Market

1.2. Unbundling

2. Introduction to SAP IS-U

2.1. SAP R/3 Overview

2.2. Extended R/3 Integration Model & SAP ISU

2.3. SAP IS Utilities components

2.4. ISU/CCS Integration Model

2.5. Relation between R/3 and ISU Components

2.6. Typical ISU Scenario

3. Regional Structures

3.1. Purpose of regional structure

3.2. Postal Regional structure

3.3. Political Regional structure

3.4. Company Regional structure

3.5. Portions & Meter reading Units

3.6. Scheduling tasks

3.7. Dependencies of Regional structures

4. ISU Master data

4.1. Introduction to Master data

4.2. Business Master data

4.2.1. Business Partner

4.2.2. Contract account

4.2.3. Contract

4.2.4. System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3

4.2.5. Creation of Business master data

4.3. Technical Master data

4.3.1. Connection Object

4.3.2. Premise

4.3.3. Installation

4.3.4. System configuration in SAP IS-U & R/3

4.3.5. Creation of Technical master data

5. Move-in & Move-out

5.1. Move-in Introduction

5.2. Move-in Business scenario

5.3. Move-in Processing

5.4. Changes to contract data during Move-in

5.5. Allocation of Contract to installation

5.6. Installation History

5.7. System Configurations @ SAP IS-U

6. Device Technology (Device management)

6.1. Device Category & Device

6.2. Device management Overview

6.3. Integration with Logistics

6.4. Register & Register data

6.5. Modeling of devices

6.6. Device Inspection and certification

7. Installations & Order processing

7.1. Installation Overview

7.2. The Installation service process

7.3. Installation services

7.4. Service processing

7.5. Periodic Device replacement

7.5.1. Replacement of a meter

7.5.2. Reversal of Removal

7.6. Business scenario: Replacement of sample device

7.6.1. Generation of service order

7.6.2. Executing the service order

7.6.3. Determining the Device location

7.6.4. Device Location & data

8. Overview of Technical Objects

8.1. Relationship between Technical objects

8.2. Service order execution steps

8.3. Technical installation structure

8.3.1. Example of installation structure

8.3.2. Billing related process & data entry

8.4. Device History

8.5. Device life cycle

9. Meter reading Overview

9.1. Meter Reading introduction

9.2. Types of Meter reading

9.3. Meter Reading Organization(Street route)

9.4. Creating Meter reading orders

9.5. Validating Meter reading results

9.5.1. Monitoring meter reading results

9.5.2. Reversing Meter reading orders

10. Integration of DM with other modules :

10.1. Integration with MM module.

10.2. Integration with PM module.

11. Billing Master Data, Rate structure, Creation and Execution

Billing Class

Rate type

Rate Category


Prices, price categories, Price types

Rates, Rate line items


Schemas, Working with schemas

Rate Determination


12. Important Billing Functions


Billing Tasks


Billing periods


Special Billing functions


Process of Billing


Entry of selection


Billing & Simulation


Document Information


Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)


Billing Reversal Process


Manual billing

13. Invoicing


Invoicing Overview


Tasks of invoicing


Invoicing Processing


Budget Billing procedure


Payment plan categories


Creation of Budget billing plan


Payment plan (Creation and Configuration)


Payment schemes (Creation and Configuration)


Invoicing reversal (Basic settings for Invoicing reversal)


Out-sorting (Billing and Invoicing)



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