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Oracle 7.7.2 Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager Fundamentals

Oracle 7.7.2 Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager Fundamentals

Now you can study at home by your self and
get certified.

These set teach you everything you need to know to become an Oracle Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Certified Professional.

The tests are based directly from the information from these books

Oracle 7.7.2 Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager Fundamentals

What you will learn:

Oracle 7.7.2 GRC Manager Fundamentals is part of an overall GRC Suite that makes up your GRC portfolio, and is considered the system of record.

As efforts around financial compliance mandates have shown, regulation is often the primary catalyst for improving an organization’s control environment and business processes. The new era of accountability requires the coordination of governance, risk, and compliance activities in many countries.

You will learn how Oracle GRC Manager effectively automates and simplifies your compliance initiatives by documenting your business processes, controls, risks, and issues that improve efficiency of the compliance management process. This process management can help you identify areas in the organization that are in or out of compliance or where risks may exist.

You will learn about the Oracle GRC Manager configuration process, effectively manage content, set up workflows, define security roles, use management assessments, and how to identify and use GRC Manager reports.

Learn to:

Develop a business processes
Identify areas in and out of compliance
Create and maintain libraries and templates
Perform self assessments
Identify potential risks
Track and remediate issues

Course Objectives:

Explain the GRC Manager features and related business process flows
Describe the features of Oracle GRC Manager
Create and manage business processes
Manage libraries and templates
Create and manage process risks and controls
Manage and remediate issues
Create and run audit procedures
Administer management assessments
Certify business processes
Configure and enforce security
Identify the four primary configuration files in the implementation process
Describe the process for managed content
Describe the role based security model
Modify or customize a workflow
Access GRC Manager services
Explain key concepts and terms specific to using Oracle Governance, Risk and

Course Topics:

Introduction to Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager (GRC Manager) Application
Describe financial compliancy
Explain how to use the GRC Manager Interface
Understand GRC Manager’s relationship to content server and security
Managing Maps
Describe the Organization menu and its options
Explain the four types of maps GRC Manager employs
Describe how to create and use maps
Business Processes
Describe how to manage business processes in the GRC Manager application
Describe how to use the Business Process menu
Identify business process documents
Templates and Libraries
Describe how to manage and use templates for business processes, attachments, and components
Manage the Master Component Library
Manage the Master Process Library
Risk Management
Describe risks to an organization
Describe risk interfaces to business processes
Explain how to create and revise a risk for a business process
Managing Controls
Use the controls interface
Describe how to manage controls
Describe and use the scoping feature
Data Collection
Explain the Data Collection workflow process
Describe how to contribute data to a process
Explain how to review data for a business process and for compliance
Audit Tests and Test Plans
Describe testing groups of controls collected from multiple business processes
Access the Test Plans menu
Access the Audit Testing menu
Issues and Action Items
Access the Issues menu
Track issues and gaps in compliance
Explain basic issues workflow
Management Assessments
Describe the Assessment workflow
Use the Management Assessment menu
Assess process controls and risks
Describe the different types of reports available in GRC Manager
Describe the executive dashboard
Print and export reports
Administering GRC Manager
Identify configuration administration items
Perform mass updates of processes and controls
Copy and maintain business processes
GRC Manager, GRC Controls, and GRC Intelligence Integration Solutions
Understand how GRC Manager is integrated with the Oracle GRC suite
Understand how GRC Manager integrates with GRC Controls (GRCC)
Understand how GRC Manager integrates with GRC Intelligence (GRCI)
Understanding Administrative Responsibilities
Identify administrative responsibilities of the content server
Use the process for managed content
Describe the functions of the administrative links or applets
Understanding the Services
Identify the Windows services required for GRC Manager to run
Re-start the GRC Manager services
Locate details regarding a failure of a service to start properly
Understanding the Configuration Files
Explain what the various GRCM configuration files do
Identify where the GRCM configuration files are located
Understanding Security Concepts
Describe the components of Oracle Content Server security
Discuss how security models manage access to content
Understand how Oracle Content Server and Oracle GRC Manager communicate security information
Implementing a Role-based Security Model
Understand what type of data a security model protects
Define, set up, and maintain a role-based security model
Understand how a role-based security model manages access to content
Workflow Concepts and Criteria Workflow
Understand the difference between basic, criteria, and sub workflows
Manage the automatic routing and review of content in an approval process
Create criteria workflows
Workflows in GRC Manager
Modify an existing GRC Manager workflow
Edit a GRC Manager workflow in Content Server
Managing Content and Subscriptions in Content Server
Perform a variety of administrative functions on specific files
Create subscriptions and assign users
Rebuild the Search Index
Adding Custom Reports
Modify report menus in GRC Manager
Create and modify input criteria screens for report users
Place SQL statements to run reports


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