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Oracle Application Testing Suite: Introduction

Oracle Application Testing Suite: Introduction

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What you will learn

This three-day course provides an introduction to the Oracle Application Testing Suite family of products and their use in testing the functionality, scalability, and availability of Web-based applications. It is intended for students with little or no user experience with the testing suite. Upon completion of this class, students will have working knowledge of Oracle Application Testing Suite and a foundation of basic testing methodologies to apply in Web application environments.

Topics include e-Tester and its use in building scripts and performing functional and regression testing; load and scalability testing with e-Load; e-Reporter for analyzing results; and ServerStats for finding application bottlenecks.

Learn To:

Apply performance testing
Configure and use e-Load
Use e-Tester

Course Objectives

Using e-Tester
Configuring e-Load
Applying testing concepts

Course Topics

Introduction to e-TEST Suite
Testing Concepts
Testing Approaches

e-Tester Basics
The Workspace Manager
Start a New Script
Record Your Script
Recording Tips
Record a transaction
Stop The Recording
Playback Your Script

Features of The Visual Script
Script Views
The Address Node
Address Properties
Understanding Actions
Dynamic Addresses
Events Capturing

The Frame Node
Frame Node
Frame Sub-Nodes
Manipulating the script’s pages
Navigating to a Page in the Application
Appending Pages
Script Comments

Playback Results Analysis
Playing back your script
Resource Validation
The Results Report
Tests Summary
Script Details
The Results Log
Analyzing Results Summary
Analyzing Text Differences

Data Banks
Data Driven Scripts
Data File
Data Bank Wizard
Playback with Data Bank

Advanced Data banking
Auto Map and Auto Bind
Databank Recommendations
Data Bank “Issues”
Potential Data Bank Problems
Resolution Considerations

Inserting Specific “Tests”
Test Cases
Text Matching Test
Data Driven Text Matching Test
Server Response Test
Multiple Page Server Response Test
Form Element Test

Custom Tests
e-Tester Programmability
Table Tests
Dialog and Authentication Manager
Configure Dialog Manager
Data Banked Dialog Actions
Configure Authentication Manager

Cookie Handling
Use Distinct Cookie Directory
Cookie Handling Options
Stand-Alone Scripts
Linked Scripts
Job Scheduler
Comparison Exclusion
Regular Expressions
Windows Event Recorder

Performance Testing Basics
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Volume Testing
Capacity Planning vs. Performance Tuning
Setting up a Test Plan

Scenario Basics
Integrated Authentication in e-Load
Workspaces and Profiles
Adding Visual Scripts and Synchronization Points
Adding New Workstations
Browser Emulation
Thick Client and Thin Client
Virtual User Display
Scenario Configuration

Back-End System Monitoring
Useful Counters on Web Server
Useful Counters on Application Servers
Useful Counters on Database Servers
ServerStats Configurations
Configure Data Sources

Reports & Graphs
Session Report
Create Graphs
Performance vs. Time
Errors vs. Time
Errors vs. Users
Performance vs. Users
Statistics vs. Time
Statistics vs. Users


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