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Oracle Database 11g : Change Management Overview Seminar

Oracle Database 11g : Change Management Overview Seminar

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Database 11g Change Management Overview Seminar

What you will learn:

The adage that "Change is constant" holds true especially in the information technology world. While change can bring improvements, it also brings disruptions. This one day seminar focuses on the Oracle Database 11g Release 1 innovations which enable you to mitigate the chaos that database and application upgrades can wrought. In this course, you will learn about the features you can use to record production workloads then play them back in a test environment so that you can determine and eliminate potential issues before you deploy these changes to your production environment. The instructor lecture is supported by recorded product demonstrations. By attending this course, you can more effectively realize the positive benefits of database and application upgrades, while minimizing the negative side effects.

Learn to:

Make indexes invisible to test potential plan changes
Setup the Automatic Diagnostic Repository
Use Recovery Advisor to analyze critical SQL statement failures
Set up snapshot standby for database testing

Course Objectives:

Effectively use SQL Performance Analyzer
Use Database Replay
Setup and use SQL Plan Manageability
Create an incident package to capture diagnostic data
Use Online patching

Course Topics:

Oracle Database 11g: Main Focus Areas
Oracle Database 11g: New Features Overview Seminar
Oracle Database 11g: Change Management Overview Seminar
Management Automation
Self-Managing Database: The Next Generation
Suggested Additional Courses
Further Information
Realistic Testing
Challenges Faced by DBAs When Performing Changes
Change Is the Only Constant
Life Cycle of Change Management
Setting Up the Test Environment by Using the Snapshot Standby Database
Benefits of Snapshot Standby
Using SQL to Create a Snapshot Standby Database
Using DGMGRL to Create a Snapshot Standby Database
Viewing Snapshot Standby Database Information
Realistic Testing
Managing Change in Oracle Database
Managing Change Effectively
Why Use Database Replay?
Database Replay
System Architecture: Capture
System Architecture: Processing the Workload
System Architecture: Replay
The Big Picture
Realistic Testing
SQL Performance Analyzer
Capturing the SQL Workload
Creating a SQL Tuning Set
Exporting the SQL Workload
Creating a SQL Performance Analyzer Task
Optimizer Upgrade Simulation
SQL Performance Analyzer: Task Page
Guided Workflow
Provisioning Automation: Performing Online Changes
Online Application Maintenance
Online Table Redefinition
Redefinition and Materialized View
Using PL/SQL to Redefine a Table
Fine-Grained Dependency Management
Minimizing Dependent PL/SQL Recompilation
More Precise Dependency Metadata
Managing Dependencies
Provisioning Automation: Using SQL Plan Management
SQL Plan Management: Overview
SQL Plan Baseline Architecture
Loading SQL Plan Baselines
Important Baseline SQL Plan Attributes
SQL Plan Selection
Possible SQL Plan Manageability Scenarios
SQL Performance Analyzer and SQL Plan Baseline Scenario
Automatic SQL Plan: Baseline Scenario
Provisioning Automation: Diagnosing Problems
Oracle Database 11g Fault Management
Ease Diagnosis: Automatic Diagnostic Workflow
Automatic Diagnostic Repository
ADRCI: ADR Command-Line Tool
Location for Diagnostic Traces
Using ADRCI to View the Alert Log
Incident Packaging Service (IPS)
Provisioning Automation: Installing Patches
Hot Patching: Overview
Installing a Hot Patch
Benefits of Hot Patching
Conventional Patching and Hot Patching
Hot Patching Considerations


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