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PeopleSoft Billing Rel 9.1

PeopleSoft Billing Rel 9.1

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Lesson 1

Course Overview .

Agenda .

Accelerated Billing and Accounts Receivable .

Lesson 2

Business Process Overview .

Describing Business Processes that include PeopleSoft Billing 

Describing PeopleSoft Billing Features and Functions .

Describing PeopleSoft Billing Integration Points.

Describing Sources of Information About PeopleSoft Billing in PeopleBooks .

Lesson 3

Setting Up Shared Tables .

Describing the PeopleSoft Table Structure .

Describing PeopleSoft Billing Business Units .

Activity 1: Creating a PeopleSoft Billing Business Unit .

Creating SetIDs .

Activity 2: Modifying SetID Controls 

Setting Up Installation Options and User Preferences .

Activity 3: Modifying User Preferences .

Describing Subcustomer Qualifiers .

Setting Up Accounting and Payment Terms .

Activity 4: Creating Accounts and Distribution Codes .

Setting Up Accounting and Payment Terms (continued) .

Activity 5: Setting Up Payment Terms .

Selecting Remit To Addresses .

Lesson 4

Setting Up PeopleSoft Billing Tables .

Setting Up Charge Codes and Units of Measure .

Activity 6: Defining Charge Codes .

Setting Up Discounts and Surcharges 

Activity 7: Setting Up Discounts and Surcharges.

Describing Workflow Duration .

Setting Up Sales and Use Tax .

Activity 8: Setting Up Tax Authorities and Codes.

Lesson 5

Designing Invoices .

Describing Invoice Setup .

Defining Billing Specialists .

Defining Bill Inquiry Phone Numbers.

Creating Notes.

Activity 9: Creating Notes .

Structuring Invoice Numbers .

Activity 10: Structuring Invoice Numbers.

Defining Sort Options for Invoice Lines.

Activity 11: Defining Sort Options for Invoice Lines .

Creating Summarization Templates .

Defining Bill-By Identifiers .

Defining Billing Cycles .

Defining Format Options for Invoices.

Activity 12: Defining Invoice Formats .

Lesson 6

Setting Up PeopleSoft Billing Defaults .

Describing the PeopleSoft Billing Default Hierarchy .

Setting Up Accounting Display Templates .

Setting Up a Page Series.

Activity 13: Setting Up a Page Series ID .

Setting Up Default Options for a SetID .

Setting Up Bill Types .

Activity 14: Setting Up Bill Types 

Setting Up Bill Sources .

Setting Up System Level Default Options.

Lesson 7

Maintaining Customer Information.

Describing Customer Roles .

Describing Customer Information .

Describing Contact Information .

Setting Up Customers Using Quick Customer Create .

Activity 15: Setting Up Customers Using Quick Customer Create .

Lesson 8

Entering Bills Online.

Describing the Standard Online Bill Entry Process .

Entering Bill Information Online .

Activity 16: Entering Bills Online in Standard Billing .

Creating Express Bills.

Activity 17: Creating Express Bills .

Viewing Bill Summary Information .

Approval Framework for Invoices.

Lesson 9

Distributing Consolidated Invoices .

Describing Invoice Consolidation .

Creating Consolidated Bill Headers .

Attaching and Detaching Bills to Consolidated Headers ,

Activity 18: Creating a Consolidated Invoice .

Lesson 10

Importing Data .

Describing the Import Data Process.

Describing the Billing Interface Staging Tables.

Describing the Status of Data in the Staging Tables.

Reviewing Data in the Staging Tables .

Describing the Billing Interface Process. 

Activity 19: Using the Billing Interface .

Lesson 11

Distributing Invoices.

Describing the Invoice Generation Process Flow .

Changing the Status of a Bill.

Activity 20: Changing the Status of Multiple Bills .

Describing Finalization Options .

Describing the Finalization Process .

Printing an Invoice .

Activity 21: Initiating the Finalize and Print Process .

Reprinting Invoices .

Generating an Invoice Register Report .

Activity 22: Generating an Invoice Register Report.

Locating Bills .

Lesson 12

Loading Receivable and General Ledger Information.

Describing the Post Invoice Process.

Running the Currency Conversion Process .

Running the Pre-Load Process .

Running the Load GL Accounting Entries Process .

Running the Load AR Pending Items Process.

Describing the Budget Checking Process .

Describing the Single Action Invoice Process.

Activity 23: Process Single Action Invoices.

Regenerating Reports After Processing Invoices .

Lesson 13

Posting Billing Transactions to the General Ledger .

Describing the Journal Generator Process Flow .

Describing Journal Generator Setup .

Generating Journal Entries .

Reviewing Journal Entries .

Activity 24: Generating Journal Entries .

Lesson 14

Adjusting Invoices .

Describing Invoice Adjustment Options.

Adjusting Invoices .

Adjusting Invoice Lines .

Viewing Adjustment History  .

Activity 25: Adjusting Invoices .

Lesson 15

Recognizing Revenue .

Setting Up Accounting for Deferred Revenue .

Activity 26: Processing Deferred Revenue .

Setting Up Accrual Options for Unbilled Revenue .

Running the Process to Accrue Unbilled Revenue .

Activity 27: Accruing Unbilled Revenue .

Lesson 16

Integrating with PeopleSoft Order Management.

Importing Data From PeopleSoft Order Management .


Describing Direct Invoicing .

Processing RMAs .

Activity 28: Integrating with PeopleSoft Order Management .

Lesson 17

Integrating Through PeopleSoft Contracts.

Describing PeopleSoft Billing Integration .

Using the Billing Worksheet .

Activity 29: Using the Billing Worksheet .

Describing the PeopleSoft Project Costing and Contracts Interface .

Describing PeopleSoft CRM Integration .

Lesson 18

Integrating with PeopleSoft Asset Management .

Describing PeopleSoft Asset Management Integration .

Setting Up PeopleSoft Asset Management Integration .

Lesson 19

Copying Invoices and Generating Recurring Invoices .

Describing the Options to Copy an Invoice .

Generating Recurring Invoices  .

Activity 30: Generating Recurring Bills .

Appendix A

Using Interunit and Intraunit Billing .

Understanding Interunit and Intraunit Billing .

Describing InterUnit and IntraUnit Processing .

Setting Up InterUnit and IntraUnit Processing for Customers .

Setting Up InterUnit and IntraUnit Processing for Vendors .

Setting Up InterUnit and IntraUnit Processing .

Describing the InterUnit Billing Process .

Creating Vouchers for InterUnit Transactions .

Appendix B

Calculating VAT in PeopleSoft Billing .

VAT Process Flow .

Setting Up PeopleSoft Billing to Process VAT .

Entering VAT Data at the Header Level .

Entering VAT Data at the Line Level .

Running the Apply VAT Defaults Process .

Reviewing VAT Errors .

Invoicing VAT .

Printing Documents with VAT .

Appendix C

Processing Credit Card Transactions .

Credit Card Processing .

Setting Up Credit Card Options .

Entering Credit Card Data .

Submitting Credit Card Charges .

Managing Credit Card Information .

Appendix D

Generating Installment Invoices 

Understanding Generating Installment Invoices .

Setting Up Installment Billing .

Generating Installment Bills .

Appendix E

Final Course Activity .

Objectives .

Final Activity .


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