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R12 Extend Oracle Applications Building OA Framework Applications

R12 Extend Oracle Applications Building OA Framework Applications

Now you can study at home by your self and
get certified.

These set teach you everything you need to know to become an Oracle R12 Certified Professional.

The tests are based directly from the information from these books

R12 Extend Oracle Applications Building OA Framework Applications

What you will learn:

Describe the concepts and details of the MVC design pattern.
Create a query, drill-down, create, delete, and update to an E-Business Suite instance.
Use E-Business Suite security in conjunction with OA Framework applications
Describe OA Framework development standards

Course Objectives:

Complete a basic query page (SELECT)
Complete a basic drill-down page (SELECT)
Complete a basic create page (INSERT)
Complete a basic delete page (DELETE)
Complete a single-page update page (UPDATE)
Complete a multi-page update (UPDATE)
Understand the foundational concepts and standards of OA Framework-based applications and pages

Course Topics:

Introduction to OA Framework
Important Terminology
Foundation Knowledge
Additional Resources
Concepts of the MVC Design Pattern
JSPs and OA Framework
Concepts of the Model
Concepts of the View
Concepts of the Controller
Basics of the Model
BC4J Model
Applications Modules
Entity Objects
View Objects
Other BC4J Objects
BC4J Database Interactions
Basics of the View
View-layer Components
Workspaces and Projects
Pages and Regions
CSS Styles
Attributes Sets
Basics of the Controller
Handling GETs
Handling POSTs
Common Controller tasks
Setting Up Your Development Environment
Introduction to JDeveloper 10g with OA Extension
Implementing a Query and Drill-down
Implementing a Create
Implementing a Delete
Implementing an Update
OA Framework Development Concepts and Standards
OA Framework and E-Business Suite Security
OA Framework State Management
Deploying OA Framework Applications


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