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R12 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals

R12 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals

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These set teach you everything you need to know to become an Oracle R12 Certified Professional.

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R12 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals

What you will learn:

In this course, participants learn how to set up Oracle Cash Management and the other applications that integrate with it. They learn how to set up security profiles and security grants to control access to the application and set up access controls for multiple organizations. Participants learn how to create banks, bank branches and bank accounts; transfer cash between bank accounts; manage and reconcile bank statements; work with bank balances, and calculate interest. They learn how Cash Management uses Oracle Subledger Accounting to generate accounting entries. They lean how to create cash pools, generate cash positions and cash forecasts to manage their cash cycles.

Course Objectives:

Set up security for bank account access
Explain how to set up Oracle Cash Management and related applications
Create bank accounts
Transfer funds between bank accounts
Reconcile bank statements
Describe how to work with cash pools, cash positioning, and cash forecasting
Describe the accounting events generated for bank activity
Work with bank balances and calculate interest

Course Topics:

Oracle Cash Management Overview
Describing the bank account model
Describing the key concepts of reconciling bank accounts
Explaining the key concepts of cash pools, cash positioning, and cash forecasting
Cash Management Security
Explaining how security works in Oracle Cash Management
Creating security profiles
Creating security grants
Setting Up Oracle Cash Management
Describing how to set up Oracle General Ledger
Describing how to set up related applications
Describing how to set up Oracle Cash Management
Creating Bank Accounts
Defining banks
Defining bank branches
Creating bank accounts
Defining bank transactions codes
Defining bank account signing authorities
Bank Transfers
Describing how to set up bank transfers
Creating a bank transfer
Settling a bank transfer
Creating a bank account transfer template
Managing Bank Statements
Entering and importing bank statements
Describing the Bank Statement Open Interface
Reviewing and correcting bank statement errors
Entering bank statements manually
Reconciling Bank Statements
Reconciling bank statements manually and automatically
Recording exceptions and reversals
Creating bank statement cashflows
Reconciling corrections and adjustments to bank errors
Clearing and unclearing transactions
Transferring bank reconciliation transactions to your general ledger
Explaining archiving and purging
Cash Pools
Creating cash pools
Viewing cash pools
Updating cash pools
Cash Positioning
Creating cash positioning worksheets
Generating cash positions from worksheets
Generating a cash leveling proposal
Viewing cash position results
Exporting cash position results to your spreadsheet application
Viewing cash positions in Discoverer
Cash Forecasting
Defining a cash forecast template
Generating a cash forecast
Modifying a cash forecast
Exporting a cash forecast to your spreadsheet application
Identifying implementation considerations
Using cash forecasting reports
Accounting Events
Describing the accounting flow in Oracle Cash Management
Describing the key concepts of Oracle Subledger Accounting
Describing how to set up Oracle Subledger Accounting for Cash Management
Creating manual journal entries
Balances and Interest
Maintaining bank account balances
Creating interest rate schedules
Creating reports for interest calculations and account balances


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