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R12 Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Fundamentals

R12 Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Fundamentals

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R12 Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Fundamentals

What you will learn:

In this course, you learn to use Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul to create visits and records for maintenance, define maintenance requirement with unique attributes, record unit specific information, update maintenance visits, view maintenance history of a component, and maintain fleet schedule.

You also gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of logical grouping of products across multiple levels to track each and every part for maintenance and repair in each assembly of a flight. They also learn to plan maintenance activities and associated resource requirements, and to maintain related electronic documents. Students also understand the different roles played by technicians in a complex maintenance industry; manage their shift schedules, block of tasks, associated requirements to meet the tasks, location, and the period of time.
Additionally, they also learn to assign production jobs to third party organizations.

Learn To:

Attach documents to a maintenance requirement
Update maintenance requirement record
Create Master Configuration Record
Create, organize, and plan preventative maintenance tasks for an asset
Streamline planned maintenance tracking and execution
Create Maintenance Requirement Record

Course Objectives:

Understand the overall process of complex maintenance, repair, and overhaul
Set up the Aircraft Induction process
Create a maintenance requirement record
Add information to a maintenance requirement record
Create a master configuration record
Create positions in a master configuration
Define alternate items
Create rules for configuration
Create a product classification
View utilization forecast
View associated maintenance requirements
Add nodes to a product classification
Attach units/items and documents to a node
Create a unit configuration record
Transact from the Technician Workbench
Transact from the Data Clerk Workbench

Course Topics:

Overview of Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
Introduction to Oracle CMRO
Overview of Oracle CMRO Setup
Overview of Engineering Data
Overview of Configuration Management
Overview of Maintenance Planning
Overview of Maintenance Execution
Overview of Maintenance Technician Roles
Setting up Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
Setting up Organizations and Organization parameters
Setting up other related Oracle Applications
Oracle CMRO Specific Attributes
Oracle CMRO Approval Workflow
Oracle CMRO Module Setup
Aircraft Induction
Overview of Aircraft Induction
Maintaining Complex Configurations
Defining Master Configurations
Defining Unit Configurations
Configuration Access Control
Managing Product Classifications
Managing Maintenance Documents
Maintaining Operation and Route Records
Heavy Maintenance Planning
Planning Roles in Heavy Maintenance
Planning Maintenance Program
Maintenance Requirement Forecast
Creating Maintenance Visits
Defining Minimum Equipment List and Configuration Deviation List
Long Term Planning
Managing Simulation Plans
Heavy Maintenance Execution
Overview of Maintenance Execution
Heavy Maintenance Execution Process
Production Planning and Production
Scheduling Work Orders and Resource Assignments
Visit Costing and Pricing
Managing Outside Service Processing
Transit and Line Maintenance
Scheduling Transit and Line Maintenance
Viewing Aircraft Schedule and Availability
Creating Transit Visit and Work Orders
Re-scheduling Transit Visit

Engine Maintenance

Overview of Engine Maintenance Execution
Associating Master Configurations
Item Composition
Scheduling Affectivity Specific Materials
Integrating Material Support

Third Party Maintenance

Overview of Third Party Maintenance
Defining Visit Cost Structure
Estimating the Cost of a Visit
Viewing Cost and Price Information


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