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R12 Oracle Sourcing Fundamentals

R12 Oracle Sourcing Fundamentals

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R12 Oracle Sourcing Fundamentals

What you will learn:

In this course, students learn how to set up and use Oracle Sourcing to manage and use the Buyer and Supplier home pages, navigation techniques, and to understand the functions of the three types of Oracle Sourcing users. Students learn how to create negotiations utilizing various document types, as well as the process for responding, monitoring, and awarding negotiations. Additionally, students will learn how to use negotiation attributes and line attributes, and to define and use reusable supplier price factors and price factor lists. Finally, students learn how to create and modify forms and abstracts, and how to use transformational bidding.

Students will learn how the Oracle Sourcing application fits into the Oracle Advanced Procurement product family and the key functional benefits provided by Oracle Sourcing. As such, this is accomplished through a series of hands-on demonstrations, supplemented with corresponding hands-on practice and exercises.

Learn To:

Describe how Oracle Sourcing fits into the Oracle Advanced Procurement product family
Create, respond, monitor, and award negotiations
Use and define reusable supplier price factors and price factor lists
Create and conduct Sourcing negotiations
Set-up and implement Oracle Sourcing
Learn to use the Buyer and Supplier home pages

Skills Gained:
Understand the Sourcing process flow within the Advanced Procurement product family
Identify the key areas and benefits of Sourcing
Understand and navigate the Sourcing user interface
Use the buyer and supplier home pages
Determine the functions of the three types of Sourcing users
Understand how to create negotiations utilizing various document types
Understand how to respond, monitor, and award negotiations
Understand the process to invite suppliers to a negotiation
Understand the usage of the negotiation attributes
Understand subjective scoring
Define and use reusable supplier price factors and price factor lists
Understand the new Sourcing Optimization product
Create and modify forms and abstracts
Understand how to use transformational bidding
Analyze the required set-up and implementation steps
Introduce how to use price factor lists

Content Details:
Oracle Sourcing Functionality Overview 

•Understanding Key Business Flows of Oracle Sourcing
•Contrasting Manual and Automatic Sourcing Systems
•Identifying Key Productivity Benefits of Oracle Sourcing
•Understanding the Oracle Sourcing Position Within the Oracle Advanced Procurement Product Family
Oracle Sourcing Product Overview 

•Navigating Oracle Sourcing User Interface
•Using the Buyer and Supplier Home Pages
•Conducting Searches
•Understanding the Functions of the Three Types of Sourcing Users
Creating Negotiations 

•Outlining the Negotiation Process
•Defining Header Information
•Defining Negotiation Lines
•Defining Negotiations Response Controls
•Using Contract Terms
•Inviting Suppliers to a Negotiation
•Publishing a Negotiation
•Identifying Additional Creation Methods
Using Negotiation Attributes 

•Explaining the Usage of Negotiation Attributes
•Defining and Using Requirements
•Explaining Subjective Scoring
•Defining and Using Line Attributes
•Explaining Weighting and Scoring
•Explaining How Price-to-Total-Score is Calculated and Used to Evaluate Responses
 Additional Creation Tools 

•Defining and Using Reusable Supplier Price Factors and Price Factor Lists
•Performing Supplier Searches
•Defining and Using Reusable Invitation Lists
•Defining and Using Price Breaks
•Using Spreadsheet Upload for Header Attributes and Lines
•Defining and Using Negotiation Document Templates
•Defining and Using Negotiation Events
Responding to Negotiations 

•Understanding the Differences Between Suppliers and Supplier Users
•Explaining the Process for Registering Supplier Users
•Outlining the Response Process
•Searching for Negotiations
•Entering and Submitting a Negotiation Response
•Explaining Power and Proxy Bidding
•Explaining Surrogate Bidding
•Explaining How to Print Supplier's View of Negotiation
Monitoring Negotiations 

•Understanding the Process To Monitor a Negotiation
•Explaining Best Response and How Calculated
•Explaining How to Use Live Console to Monitor Negotiation
•Understanding How to Use Negotiation Amendments
•Understanding the Multi Round Process
Awarding Negotiations 

•Outlining the Award Process
•Explaining How to Score Header Attributes
•Explaining Different Award Methods
•Explaining How to Use Award Optimization
•Understanding How to Generate a Purchase Order
•Explaining How to Allocate Requisitions Across Selected Suppliers
 Using Forms and Abstracts 

•Understanding the Purpose for the System Abstract
•Explaining How to Modify the Abstract
•Describing Forms Usage
•Implementing New Forms
Using Transformational Bidding 

•Explaining the Usage of Buyer Price Factors
•Explaining How Buyer Price Factors Affect Responses
•Explaining Different Visibility Options for Transformed Responses
•Defining Buyer Price Factors
Setting Up and Implementing Oracle Sourcing 

•Identifying Relevant Applications for Implementation Tasks
•Identifying Additional Implementation Tasks
•Outlining Required Steps to Implement Oracle Sourcing
 Using Collaborative Messaging and Notifications 

•Explaining notifications used by Oracle Sourcing
•Describing the use of collaborative messaging
 Supporting Large Negotiations 

•Distinguishing between regular and large negotiations
•Identifying and using features available for processing large negotiations

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