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R12 Oracle iStore Fundamentals

R12 Oracle iStore Fundamentals

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R12 Oracle iStore Fundamentals

What you will learn:

This course gives students a combination of instructor-led lecture and hands-on experience implementing and configuring Oracle iStore Release. Primarily designed for technically-oriented students, this course covers the underlying architecture, technical components, implementation planning considerations, and implementation tasks essential for an iStore implementation project.

Along with implementation tasks and details, this course provides a detailed overview of iStore mandatory dependencies, enabling students to understand the entire scope of an iStore implementation project. students gain an understanding of the scope of an iStore implementation project, including:

implementation tasks
store-building procedures
configuring the Customer UI
creating the product catalog
setting up and maintaining users
adding content to the catalog
customizing messages and prompts
using reports and email notifications
running concurrent programs

Learn To:

Gain an overview of the implementation tasks for Oracle iStore
Create Sites
Construct the Catalog
Add Graphical Content to Sites
Understand business value-add of Oracle iStore
Integrate with Other Oracle Applications

Course Objectives:

Understand that several other Oracle applications must be installed and implemented for Oracle iStore to function
Learn to create an iStore catalog
Learn to add content to iStore sites
Describe how the out-of-box Customer Application pages display
Describe options for configuring Customer Application Initial Landing Pages
Explain how to verify the initial implementation
Explain the source of the products in Oracle iStore, and know basic product setup
Describe which major price list features are supported by iStore, including multi-currency price list support
Explain the source of shipping methods used in the sites
Explain the source of payment types used in the sites
Know how to set up shipping methods for use in the sites
Create and maintain sites
Learn to integrate with other Oracle applications
Explain Oracle iStore key features and benefits

Course Topics:

Introduction to Oracle iStore
Introduction to Oracle iStore
Self-Service Framework Features
Collaborative Purchasing Features
Order Value-Add Features
Self-Service Portal
Site Administration Features
Oracle iStore Key Features
Common Oracle Applications Integrations with Oracle iStore
Implementation Tasks for Oracle iStore
Implementing Oracle iStore (Implementation Tasks Overview)
Setting Up Admin and Guest Users
Introduction to JTT Cache
Introduction to Customer Application Display
Display Templates Overview
Introduction to Customer Application Initial Pages
Configuring Customer Application Initial Pages
Verifying the Implementation
Implementing Products, Pricing, Payment Types, and Shipping Methods
Products: Introduction, Setup, Advanced Topics
Pricing: Introduction, Setup, Advanced Topics
Payment Types: Introduction, Setup, Advanced Topics
Shipping Methods: Introduction, Setup, Advanced Topics
Implementing Sites
Introduction to Site Management in Oracle iStore
Creating Sites
Building Sites in a Multi-Org Environment
Support and Partner Sites Overview
Navigation Behavior with Support and Partner Sites
Integrated Store-Support Site Business Flow
Integrated Store-Partner Site Business Flow
Implementing the Catalog
Catalog: Introductions, Setup, Advanced Topics
Section Display: Introduction, Setup, and Maintenance
Product Display: Introduction and Maintenance
Bins: Introduction and Setup
Implementing Content
Content: Introduction and Setup
Integration with and Implementing Oracle Content Manager
Implementing Carts and Orders
Key features and functionality of Oracle iStore Customer Application
Shopping Carts and Lists
Cart and Quote Sharing
B2B-Specific Functionality
Checkout and Ordering
Order Cancellations and Returns
Order Tracking
Implementing User Management
User Management Overview
Support for Integrations and Optional Features
User Types
Implement User Management
B2B User Management
User Profile Pages
Oracle iStore Reporting
Introduction to Reports in Oracle iStore
Oracle Discoverer Integration for Reports
Operational Reports
Implementing Reports
Intelligence Reports Overview
Oracle Web Analytics Integration
Oracle Web Analytics Integration
Oracle Web Analytics Key Features
Administering Oracle Web Analytics
Oracle iStore Concurrent Programs
Overview of Concurrent Programs
Descriptions of iStore Concurrent Programs
Oracle iSupport Integration
Site Management Options with Oracle iSupport
User Management with Oracle iSupport
Setting Up a Support Site
Oracle Quoting Integration
Overview of Oracle Quoting Integration
Overview of and Implementing Sales Assistance
Quote Publishing Overview
Conditions for Publishing a Quote
API-Level Validation of Site Settings
Web Published Quotes Business Flow
Implementing Quote Publishing
Allowing Customers to Update Published Quotes
Mandatory Dependencies Overview
Accessing Oracle Applications
Setting Up Mandatory Dependencies
Advanced Topics
Globalization and Multi-Org Architecture
Web Page Caching
E-Mail Notifications in Oracle iStore
Customizing Look and Feel
Descriptive Flexfields (DFFs) Functionality
Marketing Postings Functionality
Deep Link Functionality
Upgrading and Patching Oracle iStore
Oracle Sales Contracts Integration
Overview of Oracle Sales Contracts
Terms and Conditions Functionality
Terms and Conditions Business Flow
Setting Up Terms and Conditions
Oracle Partner Management Integration
Site Management Options with Oracle Partner Management
User Management with Oracle Partner Management
Setting Up a Partner Site


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