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R12 Project Billing Fundamentals

R12 Project Billing Fundamentals

Edition 1.0

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R12 Project Billing Fundamentals

What you will learn:

In this course, students will learn about the implementation of R12 Oracle Project Billing. The course encompasses key setup considerations, such as licensing, revenue and invoicing, agreements and funding, customers, autoaccounting, interproject billing, customer billing retention, and integration with Oracle Receivables. It also explains some impacts of implementation decisions. Students will learn through the use of tutorials, supplemented with guided demonstrations and hands-on practices.

Oracle Project Billing enables enterprises to simplify customer invoicing, streamline corporate cash flow, and measure the profitability of contract projects. With Oracle Project Billing, you can generate revenue, create the corresponding accounting entries in Oracle Subledger Accounting, and interface the revenue accounting to Oracle General Ledger. Project managers can review project invoices online and analyze project profitability, and accounting managers can see the corporate impact of project work.

Oracle Project Billing is part of the Oracle Enterprise Project Management solution. Oracle Enterprise Project Management provides a set of applications that help companies deliver global projects by integrating and managing project information. It enables all persons at all levels of the enterprise to participate and collaborate on the projects at appropriate levels in a centralized environment.

Learn to:

Create an agreement and fund a project
Accrue revenue
Create a contract project
Generate invoices

Course Objectives:

Set up R12 Oracle Project Billing
Identify the features of Oracle Project Billing
Describe how Oracle Project Billing integrates with the Oracle eBusiness Suite
Understand the impacts of key implementation decisions

Course Topics:

Overview of Oracle Project Billing
Defining a Contract Project
Explain activities involved with creating a contract project
Define a contract project type
Define a project template
Define a contract project
Overview of customers and contacts
Currency in Project Billing
Bill Rate Schedules and Bill rate overrides
Agreements and Funding
Discuss the use of agreements and the relationship between agreements and projects
Explain how to create a revenue budget baseline from the Project Funding Inquiry window
Define an agreement and fund a project
Baseline funding for a project
Define agreement types
Define a project to allow the creation of a revenue budget baseline from the Project Funding Inquiry window
Define and explain the use of agreement templates
Generating Revenue
Explain fundamental revenue concepts
Generate revenue, release it and interface it to Oracle Subledger Accounting
Adjust revenue after projects period close
Identify the client extensions available for revenue
Generating Invoices
Explain fundamental invoice concepts
Explain the use of customer billing retention on a contract project
Define the setups for customer billing retention
Define customer billing retention on a contract project
Generate an invoice and interface it to Oracle Receivables
Identify the setup in Oracle Receivable necessary for with Oracle Project Billing
Identify and perform adjustments during invoice review
Create adjustments to existing invoices and revenue
Accounting for Revenue and Invoices
Describe the overall flow of accounting for revenue and invoices
Explain the components of AutoAccounting
Identify the AutoAccounting functions used during revenue and invoicing
Interproject Billing
Describe the use of interproject billing
Create provider and receiver projects for use with interproject billing
Define the setups needed to implement interproject billing
Summary of R12 Project Billing Fundamentals
Projects Learning Path


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