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SAP BusinessObjects 6.5 Advanced Reporting

SAP BusinessObjects 6.5 Advanced Reporting

Now you can study at home by your self and get certified.
These set teach you everything you need to know to become Certified.
The tests are based directly from the information from these books

BO302- BOR120 - SAP BusinessObjects 6.5 Advanced Reporting

This  course is designed to give learners the advanced skills and in-depth knowledge needed to create and analyze complex BusinessObjects documents.
What will I learn? (After completing the course, learners will be able to:)
Use alternate query techniques
Use character and string functions
Create user defined objects
Use the If Then Else statement
Use calculation contexts
Create advanced charts
Report from other data sources


Alternate Query Techniques
Define combined queries
Combine the results of more than one query using Union, Intersection, and Minus
Define sub-queries
Create a sub-query using the results of one query as the starting point for a second query
Create a query based on the structure of another query
Create a condition based on another query
Character and Date String Functions
Explain what a character string is and how it can be dismantled into parts
Review a list of major character functions
Use the Left() and Right()functions to remove beginnings and/or ends of a character string
Use Replace() to replace pieces of a string with new text
Use the Pos() and SubStr() functions in conjunction with the Length() function to do highlevel string formatting
Troubleshoot character string functions to ensure they work properly
Concatenate strings
Convert a date-based value to a string using the FormatDate function
Convert a character-based data value to a date type using the ToDate function
Identify the duration between two dates using the DaysBetween function
User Defined Objects
Create user objects
Use a user object in a query
Explain where a user object is stored
Describe the limitations of user objects
If. . .Then. . .Else. . .
Define the “If… Then… Else…” syntax
Use the “ If… Then… Else…” syntax to group data values
Use the Group function in the Variable Editor
Convert derived variables into true variables
Use “If…Then…Else” to control how a variable calculates data
Calculation Contexts
Explain calculation contexts
Define extended syntax
Describe Input and Output context
Use the Define as Variable feature to define context
Use Where to define context
Use NoFilter() to redirect the context of a variable
Advanced Charting
Create a chart with two Y-axes.
Create a chart with different styles for different series.
Set a constant series.
Group series for a Y-axis.
Reporting from Other Data Sources
Create a query based on an XML data source
Export data to XML
Create a query based on an HTML data source


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