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SAP FI/CO ECC 6 Jumpstart Video Training & SAP ECC 6 EHP7 To practice for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive

SAP FI/CO ECC 6 Jumpstart Video Training & SAP ECC 6 EHP7 To practice for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive

Let your career zoom by becoming an SAP FICO Consultant in short time. We help you in achieving this target.

With a relatively small investment, you can become an experienced SAP consultant with our SAP FI/CO ECC 6.0 training videos with SAP ECC 6 EHP7  To practice .

Many still don't realize the fact that SAP industry is the best performing segment in IT industry as of today. SAP professionals are paid the highest bucks and provided all the opportunities to travel around the world with first class daily allowance. As a SAP functional consultant you don't have to work for someone, you can be an independent consultant and earn 5 times higher than any full time salary.

SAP functional consultants are paid anywhere between USD1000 to USD1500 per day in the international industry. Many consultants have become rich in a short time span and go for early retirement.

While there are many different answers to this question, what we feel the best answer would be is, its not important to become an experienced SAP functional consultant, what is more important is how fast you can become an experienced consultant. You can take the long path of joining a SAP consultancy firm as a fresh consultant (which is indeed difficult nowadays) and spend 3 years time to become a fully experienced SAP consultant. Well, though we don't dispute this can be one of the conventional way to achieve the objective, nothing is guaranteed that your colleagues in the firm will teach you everything in SAP full heartedly.

Anybody who has worked in a software firm will admit this truth where the people are either too busy to teach you or simply trying to be selfish not to groom another competitor within the same organization. Needless to say the faster you become the experienced consultant the better it is because like any other boom SAP boom will come to an end anytime in the near future.

Well, hence the reasonable answer to this question, after considering all the above facts, is to teach yourself SAP in the fastest possible track and become a master in the field as you would if someone sit next to you teaching SAP for a period of 3 years. Yes this is absolutely possible and a proven method using our specialised SAP jumpstart video Training and  certification material with  server access.

It is proven because we ourselves jump started to become top notch SAP professionals knowing nuts and bolts of SAP within 3 months period using these materials.

When you start to work with other experienced SAP professionals, no one will ever doubt that you know SAP only for 3 months.

The best way to master SAP is to at least attend 2 different training schools. This will ensure your knowledge in SAP is built from 2 different angles. Many of the top notch SAP professionals doing well in the industry came from this sort of background.

Having this in mind, we have prepared 2 sets of SAP training materials with video training. This makes both the training sets cover most of the FI/CO functions and that too in 2 different flavours.

By following our recommended learning pattern below, we can assure you to become an FI/CO specialist with 3 years of experience in just 3 months!

Content SAP FI/CO ECC 6.0 Consultant Training Video

Enterprise Structure and Global Settings

-. Creation of Company, Company Codes -. Business Area, Consolidated business area -. Fiscal Year, Posting Period, Posting Keys -. Document Number range, Document type -. Tolerance Group -. Field Status Group  

General Ledger Accounting

-. Chart of Accounts -. Account Groups -. Retained earnings account -. Creation of GL accounts -. Posing of GL entries -. Holding, parking and posting of documents -. Reversal of documents -. Reference Documents  

Accounts Receivable

-. Defining Customer master records -. Posting Invoices & Payments -. Partial and full payment -. Down Payment received & setting off entries -. Tax on Sales/ Purchase -. Foreign Currency Valuation -. Dunning to customers

Accounts Payable

-. Defining Vendor master records -. Posting Invoices & Payments -. Down Payment made & setting off entries -. Automatic Payment Program??

Asset Accounting

-. Chart of depreciation -. Defining Asset Master Records -. Integration with General Ledger -. Asset class -. Asset creation -. Depreciation posting -. Retirement of an Assets  Cash Management

-Cash journal entries (Petty Cash) -Bank Statements  


-. Controlling Area Settings -. Number range to controlling documents   Cost Element Accounting

-. Automatic creation of Cost Elements -. Individual creation of Cost Elements   Cost Center Accounting

-. Creation of Cost Center, Planning -. Posting of cost into cost center -. Manual reposting of cost -. Distribution and assessment   Internal Order Accounting

-. Order Type, Number range -. Creation of order, Planning & Posting -. Defining settlement rules -. Final settlement of Internal order   Profit Center Accounting

-. Settings for Profit Center -. Creation of Profit Center, Planning -. Posting of revenues -. Distribution and Assessment  

And much more....

Also included

New collection FI/CO certification material

Additional Topics

-sap fico configuration guide with screen shot

Introduction to ERP Introduction to SAP Introduction to SAP Modules Introduction to SAP FICO Integration of FICO with Other Modules 

and Much more...

-End user Training -SAP ERP Financials and FICO Handbook -FICO_T-Codes -Real Project & Blueprint -COMMON Interview Questions -Practical FICO interview question and anwsers -COMPANIES RUN SAP

Installed SAP ECC 6 EHP7  server 64 BIT for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive
Shipped Right to your Door!
Practice SAP anywhere to become a consultant
Easy to plug into and run SAP ECC 6 EHP7 and carry anywhere you want.
IDES,FI/CO,MM,SD,PP,HR ... etc Runs on 64bit Operating system ,Database, IDES Included!
You need to install a software provided to your laptop or desktop, that's it and you can easily execute ECC from Hard Drive
Very clear instructions are provided and its a very simple procedure which even a beginner can follow.
Host System Minimum Requirements:
CPU - Any dual core processor or above RAM
- 3GB Minimum or More
Host system processor most have VT technology to be able to run VMware.
Does my processor support Intel® Virtualization Technology?
If you don't know your processor number or family, you can download and install the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at this site:
(Copy and paste to your browser)
If you already have a modern Laptop/Desktop PC with a good specification (3GB or more RAM),
then you can utilise our external Hard drive
Money back guarantee is provided if this hard Drive  does not work for you.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : The usage of this evaluation is strictly for home based educational purposes and not for commercial.
The full commercial license of this product for commercial purposes can only be bought from SAP AG, Germany


999.00 $

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