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real-life configuration guide , will walk you through the steps required to customize your sap GRC 10   with providing description, IMG Menu Paths and screenshots of every configuration.

Table of Contents

1 Document History 

2 Introduction 

3 Configuration Activities 

3.1 General Settings 

3.1.1 Activate Applications in Client (IMG Activity GRFNVACTIVEAPP) 

3.1.2 Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets (IMG Activity GRPC_ACTV_BCSETS) 

3.1.3 Activate System Profiles (Post Install Activity) 

3.1.4 Activate ICM Services (General Activity) 

3.1.5 Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing (IMG Activity GRPC_AUTO_WRK_CUST) 

3.1.6 Perform Task-Specific Customizing (IMG Activity GRPC_TASK_SPEC_CUST) 

3.1.7 Maintain Time Zones (IMG Activity SIMG_SAPZOZBP) 

3.2 Common Component Settings 

3.2.1 Integration Framework 

3.3 Access Control 

3.3.1 Maintain Configuration Settings (IMG activity GRACV_CONFIGSET) 

3.3.2 Maintain Connector Settings (IMG Activity GRACVC_CONNECTOR_SET) 

3.3.3 Maintain Connection Settings (IMG Activity ID GRFNVC_CCI_TS_SETTIN) 

3.3.4 Maintain Plug-in Settings (IMG Activity GRACVC_AD_PLUGIN) 

3.3.5 Maintain Criticality Levels for Superuser Management (IMG Activity GRACCRTCLTV) 

3.3.6 Distribute Jobs for Parallel Processing (IMG Activity V_TBANK_PP_DISTR) 

3.3.7 Maintain Access Risk Levels (IMG Activity GRACRISKLEVEL) 

3.3.8 Maintain Business Processes and Subprocesses (IMG Activity GRACVC_BP_SP) 

3.3.9 Maintain Data Sources Configuration (IMG Activity GRACVC_DATASOURCE_MA) 

3.3.10 Activate Business Configuration (BC) Sets (IMG Activity GRPC_ACTV_BCSETS) 

3.4 Synchronization Jobs 

3.4.1 Authorization Synch (IMG Activity GRAC_AUTH_SYNCH) 

3.4.2 Repository Object Synch (IMG Activity GRAC_REP_OBJ_SYNCH) 

3.4.3 Action Usage Synch (IMG Activity GRAC_ACTION_US_SYNCH) 

3.4.4 Role Usage Synch (IMG Activity GRAC_ROLE_US_SYNCH) 

3.5 Configuration for Access Risk Analysis 

3.5.1 SoD Rules 

3.5.2 Batch Risk Analysis 

3.6 Configuration of Workflow for Access Control 

3.6.1 Activate Event Linkage for AC Workflows (IMG Activity SWETYPV) 

3.6.2 Activate MSMP Content for AC (IMG Activity GRAC_MSMP_BCSET) 

3.6.3 Maintain MSMP Workflows (IMG Activity GRFNMW_CONFIGURE_WD) 

3.6.4 Generate MSMP Process Versions (IMG Activity GRFNMW_GEN_VERSION) 

3.6.5 Define Workflow-related MSMP Rules (IMG Activity GRFNMW_DEV_RULES) 

3.6.6 Define Business Rule Framework (IMG Activity BRFPLUS) 3

3.6.7 Maintain Text for Notification Messages (IMG Activity GRACTXTNOTIFYMSGC) 

3.6.8 Maintain Custom Notification Messages (IMG Activity GRACVNOTIFYMSGC) 

3.7 Step by Step details of the Workflow created created workflow as Below. 

3.8 Configuration for Role Management 

3.8.1 Maintain Role Type Settings (IMG Activity GRACV_RLTYPESTA) 

3.8.2 Specify Naming Conventions 

3.8.3 Maintain Project and Product Release Name 

3.8.4 Define Role Sensitivity 

3.8.5 Maintain Role Status 

3.8.6 Specify Critical Level 

3.8.7 Define Companies 

3.8.8 Maintain Functional Areas 

3.8.9 Maintain Functional Areas 

3.8.10 Define Organizational Value Maps 

3.8.11 Define Prerequisite Types 

3.8.12 Assign Condition Groups to BRFplus Functions 

3.8.13 Define Methodology Processes and Steps 

3.8.14 Associate Methodology Process to Condition Group 

3.9 Configuration for User Provisioning 

3.9.1 Define Request Type (IMG Activity GRACV_REQTYPE) 

3.9.2 Maintain Priority Configuration (IMG Activity GRACV_PRIORITY) 

3.9.3 Define Employee Types (IMG Activity GRACV_EMPTYPE) 

3.9.4 Maintain Number Range Intervals for Provisioning Requests (IMG Activity GRAC_CUPNR_INTERVAL) 

3.9.5 Maintain End user Personalization (IMG Activity VC_GRAC_EUP_CONFIG) 

3.9.6 Maintain Provisioning Settings (IMG Activity GRACVC_PROFCONFIG) 

3.9.7 Maintain User Defaults (IMG Activity GRACVC_USERDEFAULT) 

3.9.8 Maintain password Self Service (IMG Activity GRACVC_PSSCONFIG) 

3.9.9 Activate End user Logon (IMG Activity GRAC_ENDUSER_LOGON) 


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