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SAP HR Configuration Package

SAP HR Configuration Package

SAP HR Personnel Management Config


 Define Personnel Area



 Define Personnel Sub-Area



 Define Employee Group



 Personal Data Maintenance Set up



 Contracts and Corporate Agreement Set up



 Evaluation Basis



 Employee Education and Training



 Previous Employer Details



 Define User Groups and Info groups



 Customizing user interface and many more...




Organizational Management


 Setup Number Assignment for Plan Versions



 Maintain Objects Types



 Maintain Info Types



 Maintain Country Info Types



 Maintain Subtypes



 Relationship Maintenance



 Setup Integration with Personnel Administration



 Check Integration Consistency and many more...






Training and Event Management


 Activate Integration for Activity Allocation



 Specify Activity Types



 Activate Business Location



 Create Business Event Group



 Create Business Event Type



 User Exit Setting for Resource Reservations



 Control Elements



 Prebooking Setting



 Recurring Activities and many more...






Time Management


 Define Work Schedule



 Define Public Holiday Classes



 Peronnel Subarea Groupings



 Define Daily Work Schedule



 Define Period Work Schedule



 Define Day Types



 Work Schedule Rules



 Generate Work Schedule Rules in Batch



 Define Substitution Types



 Set Defaults for Substitution Types



 Define Absence Type



 Define Counting Rules



 Assign Counting Rules for Absence Type



 Defining Attendance Types



 Managing Time Accounts Using Quotas



 Define Reduction Rules



 Define Rules for Rounding Quota Entitlements



 Time Evaluation and many more...




ESS / MSS R / 3 Settings


 Workplace Information



 ESS Selection and Output



 ESS Users Own Data



 Define Infoset for Country



 Define Parameter for Country



 Leave Request



 Setup Control Elements



 Display Payslip



 All Personnel Information Service



 MSS Structural Authorization



 Define Columns - TWPC Table View Configuration



 Define Column Group



 General Employee Information



 Time Management



 Attendance Overview and Details



 Change Employee Group and Subgroup



 Requesting Promotion



 Requesting Position Change



 Requesting for Separation



 Requesting For Transfer



 Request Transfer



 Request Change in Working Time and many more...






Enterprise Compensation Management


 Activate Enterprise Compensation Management



 Define Stock Units



 Define Budget Types



 Define Budget Periods



 Define Compensation Features



 Define Compensation Review



 Define Eligibility Groups



 Define Eligibility Features



 Define Eligibility Rules



 Define Guidelines



 Assign Compensation Plan Payroll Data



 Define First Compensation Program groupings



 Define Compensation Programs and many more...






Performance Management


 Activate Replacement of Old Appraisal System



 Setup Category Group



 Creation of New Category






 Value Flow



 Creation Of New Appraisal Template












 Roles and Processing



 Setup of Target Agreement Appraisal Template



 Restriction Selection of Appraiser and Appraisee and many more...





Payroll - Basic Settings


 Define Payroll Period Parameter



 Define Data Modifier



 Generate Payroll Periods



 Check Pay Scale Type



 Check Pay Scale Area



 Wage Type Configuration



 Environment of Wge Type Maintenance and many more...






Payroll Time Related Payments


 Define Valuation



 Assign Valuation Class



 Describe Absence Valuation Rule



 Define Day Rukes



 Define Counting Classes



 Define Time Quota Compensation Methods



 Assign Wage Type to the Quotas to be Compensated and many more...





Payroll Cumulations and Off Cycle Payroll


 Define Reduction Formulas



 Define Reduction Factors



 Setup Wage Type for Cost Accounting



 Cumulation Wage Type for Time Based Payments



 Setup off Cycle Reasons



 Assign Wage Type to Wage Type Group



 Maintain Processing Class for Pay Roll Types and many more...




Payroll Loans


 Activate Loan Calculation



 Define Value Determination



 Determine Interest Calculation Method



 Maintain Loan Types and many more...




Payroll - Tax


 Define Tax Office Groupings



 Maintain Personnel Subarea for the Tax Office



 Verify Tax Brackets Type



 Verify Tax Deduction Amount



 Define Region Codes



 Define Private Insurance Wage Type



 Maintain Processing Classes and cumulations



 Define Private Insurance Sub Type



 Maintain Features for Private Insurance Schemes and many more...




Payroll Data Medium Exchange and Posting


 Setup House Banks



 Define Sender Bank



 Define Employee Grouping Account Determination



 Define Symbolic Account



 Create Posting Variants and many more...




Payroll Scheme



Travel Expense Management


 Maintain Trip Provisions Variants



 Assign Organization Areas to Trip Provisions Variants



 Define Global Settings



 Define Statutory M/A Reimbursement Group



 Define Employee Groupings



 Define Trip Areas



 Statutory Trip Types



 Define Trip Activity Types



 Travel Expense Control



 Define Assignment of Wage Type to Symbolic Account



 Conversion of Symbolic Account to Expense Account and many more....


We also provide Stunning User Training Documents  for Each of the Above HR Sub Modules.


User Training Documents


 These User Training Documents cover the entire Master Data, Day to Day Transactions and the Month End and Period End Closing Activities for each of the HR Modules laid out above.

They come with Step by Step with SAP screen shots & compliment the Configuration Material .





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