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SAP PP Master Data Configuration

Configuration of every aspect of Bill of Materials including creation of Item Category,creation of BOM Usage, restricting item type plus all the other nuts and bolts of BOM creation/changes.Alternate BOM environment strategy also covered.

Work Center Configuration explaining in detail the relevant fields selection, configuration of the very complex standard value key formula, creating shift sequence plus all other related connects.

All Aspects of Routing creation,configuration of usage for routing, indepth analysis of various user defined fields and its applicability to various transactions in SAP

SOP Configuration

Creation and Planning with product group

Creation of Rough-cut planning profile

Capacity check with rough-cut planning profile

Disaggregation and aggregation of product group plan

Configuration of activity to copy it into a different structure

Version management

Transferring of plan to Demand management

Creation of Info structure

Creation of planning type and planning hierarchy to create plan in flexible planning

Configuration of Transfer profile. Version Management and transferring into Demand Management

SAP MRP and Production Planning Config

Configuration of MRP Plant parameter which describes the complete MRP related settings to operate with a new plant.

Configuration of MRP type, and MRP Group

Configuration of Requirement type and Requirement Class - (A Virtual Treat and a critical element in PP as it links PP with SD Module) .

Configuration of scheduling parameter for Planned orders

Configuration of lot sizing procedure to control the grouping of requirements.

SAP Production Execution Configuration

Configuration of order type and defining number ranges to the order type

Configuration of order type parameter which is an essential setting for PP processing

Configuration of Scheduling parameter for production order - setting to determine the exact production start and end date as per the routing data and many more controls with respect to order scheduling.

Confirmation parameter - controlling the sequence of confirmation, Back flush control through confirmation parameter.

Defining the Back-flush error correction settings in confirmation parameter.

Defining checking rule and scope of check - which is the heart of ATP setting . Defining the receipt and issue elements to be considered for ATP.

Configuration of checking control - analysing in detail all the trigger points for production order creation.

SAP PP Reports

Report navigation - Helps you take baby steps to explore all the functions of the reporting structure.

Order information reports - The Entire Gamet of reports based on order status, order release date and order confirmation status covered

Performance of mass processing

Product costing reports - (A Virtual Treat)


Defining Profile with Default Values

Assigning Material Types

Defining Recipe Status and Usage

Defining Priority Sequence for Automatic Recipe Selection

Defining Order Types

Defining Order Type Dependent Parameter and Number Ranges

Process Management

Transporting predefined characteristics

Transporting predefined Message Categories

Defining and set up control recipe destination

Defining and Setting up Process Message Categories

Defining Process Message Characteristics

Defining and Setting up Message Destinations

Defining Process Instruction Categories

Batch Mangement

Specifying Batch Level and Batch Activation

Batch Status Management

Internal Batch Assignment for Goods Receipt

Maintaining Internal Batch Number Assignment Range

Defining Batch Creation for Process Order

Defining Batch Creation for Goods Movement

Batch Valuation

Batch Determination and Batch Check

Defining Process Order Access Sequence

Setting Shelf Life Expiration Date and many more

SAP Quality Planning and Inspection Configuration

Configuration of Plant Parameter for Quality Management

Configuration of control key - defining the payment control within quality management

Configuration of Blocking reason - to restrict the vendor supply in case of quality deviation

Defining catalogue type, configuration of valuation mode and sampling type

Configuration of inspection type to define different types of inspection control

Defining default values for inspection type - controls lot creation

Configuration of Quality inspection for goods movement - responsible to create lot with respect to goods movement

Defining inspection type for Plant Maintenance - important integration link with plant maintenance to inspect equipment and gauges

SAP Quality Notification & Certificate Configuration

Configuration of Notification type

Configuration of screen selection and template for Notification type

Defining Number Range for Notification

Configuration of Notification Priority

Configuration of Quality certificate type

Defining the Data origin - Data to be picked up and to be printed in quality certificate is defined here plus all other integration points are included within.

User Training Documents and Power Point   Presentations for Each of the Above PP/QM Sub Modules.

User Training Documents

These User Training Documents cover the entire Master Data, Day to Day Transactions and the Month End and Period End Closing Activities for each of the PP/QM Sub Modules laid out above.
They come with Step by Step with SAP screen shots& compliment the Configuration Material . Infact this alone is worth the entire price you pay.

Power Point Presentations

The Power Point Presentations we present are one of its kind. They are not the usual ones you see floating around in the SAP Market. They are tailor made to gel with the Configuration and User Training Documents. They provide Rich Content which you can use to enchance your knowledge and use it in your Blue Printing Phase of Your Project.

FULL SET OF CONFIGURATION DOCS(including PP-PI and Batch Mangement)




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