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SAP SOA TECHED 2009 Training Materials

SAP SOA TECHED 2009 Training Materials

This is a Course for SAP SOA TECHED 2009
Now you can study at home by your self and
get certified.

The following ebooks are what you will get:

SOA100 -SAP Technology Portfolio Roadmap
SOA101 -What You Need to Know About SAP's Technology Portfolio -
A Comprehensive Introduction
SOA102 -Business Events – a Roundtrip from Definition,
Provisioning to Consumption
SOA103 -Lower the Entry Barrier
for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
SOA104 -ES Community: Influencing SAP Product
Strategy by Community Adoption Groups   
SOA105 -Translating SOA Technology into Business Solutions
SOA106 -SAP and Microsoft: Interoperability and Beyond
SOA107 -Configuring SOA Assets in Maturing SOA Landscapes
SOA108 -Deep Dive into Enterprise Services
Repository and Services Registry
SOA111 -Docupedia: Wikified SAP Technology Documentation
SOA200 -SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Roadmap
SOA201 -Ten Things you Should Know About SAP NetWeaver Process Integration,
Best Practices, and Lessons Learned
SOA203 -General Performance Tuning
with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
SOA204 -SAP Technology Highlights -
Get in Touch with Cutting-Edge Technology
SOA205 -SOA References
SOA206 -Best-built Applications:
Technical Guidelines for SAP Partners
SOA207 -Enterprise Services Repository in
Complex Customer Landscapes
SOA209 -ABAP Runs SOA: Step-by-Step to an ABAP Composite
SOA210 -SOA Lifecycle Management
SOA211 -SAP NetWeaver Process Integration: Adapter Enhancements
SOA212 -Standards-Based Interoperability between
SAP NetWeaver PI and Microsoft .NET
SOA213 -Extending Integrated Product
Development Value Scenarios with SOA
SOA214 -In-Depth Service-Enablement
Between SAP ERP Retail and Enterprise POS
SOA215- Taking SOA to the Next Level: Asynchronous Enterprise Services
SOA222 -SCA Hygiene: Global Consolidation of Business Partner Integration
SOA223 -Philips IT Applications - Centralize IT Operations -
Reference Architecture for EAI
SOA224 -Standardization of Financial Processes
for International Locations of Daimler
SOA225 -Automated Cost Accounting in Virtualized SAP Infrastructures/Clouds
SOA226 -SAP NetWeaver SOPERA Integration
as Part of the Deutsche Post SOA Strategy
SOA227 -Enterprise Micro Applications: Discover, Evaluate, and Buy Through SAP EcoHub
SOA260 -SAP Technology: Putting it all Together
SOA261 -Real-Life SOA: Implement, Configure, and Consume Enterprise Services –
Examples from Banking Services
SOA262 -SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1: SAML Implementation
SOA263 -SAP System Integration with SAP NetWeaver CE BPM
(via SAP NetWeaver PI and Asynchronous Messages)
SOA264 -Process High Volume Messages in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1.
SOA265 -SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1:
Proxy Connectivity, Idoc Packaging
SOA300 -Tactical SOA Governance in SAP Environment
SOA302 -Global Challenge: Enterprise Architecture


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